Tuesday, November 29, 2005

"We have fallen from our shelves ..."

Just watched a long drawn-out finale episode of "The Biggest Loser". Those people made such incredible transformations ... you could tell how great they felt just by looking at their faces. Very inspiring, indeed.


Love to Laura and Melody tonight ... they lost a dear friend in a tragedy last night. Wish there was something I could do to make things easier for all involved. All I can do is think of them, and send love across the miles.


Drove to Shady Acres today in the middle of a raging thunderstorm to put away Grandma's clean laundry. Only, once again, it wasn't clean. I do exactly as they specify, by putting it in the hallway after 3 PM on her laundry day ... every week. Today it was still sitting in the hallway, dirty, when I arrived there at 11:15 AM. Grandma was still in her pajamas, as well. She said the morning got away from her.

She had a surprise visit yesterday from 2 old friends from her hometown. They were planning on doing some shopping in Commerce, and decided to drive the extra hour and a half to visit her. I know she was totally caught off guard, but pleased to visit with some familiar folks. They brought her an amarylis, so now she has 2 growing on her window sill.

Back to the laundry issue, I have about decided to do it myself once a week. At least then, I'd know it was done, and I could take a day off from going over there. I was planning to not go tomorrow, but now I'll have to, to either put clean things away ... or pick up the dirty stuff to wash here at the house.


Christmas shopping is starting to weigh on my brain a bit. I have done nothing. And I have no ideas. For anyone. Ugh. I need to put some energy into it, and soon.


Jimmy arrived in Minneapolis around 1:30 this afternoon. Turns out he knows several guys on the project from other past projects, so maybe it won't all be so awful. The highs this week are forecast to reach 20 degrees. Toasty.

Happy 47th Birthday, Jimmy. Stay warm.

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