Monday, November 07, 2005

"Time goes by, so slowly ..."

I feel like I've been in the car all day long. Went by Shady Acres to see Grandma F this morning. She spent the entire hour I was there in the bathroom. TMI, already. Oh well, it gave me time to change her sheets (after the aide stopped me on the way in and said, "I tried to change your grandmother's sheets this morning, but she told me that you do that for her." ~sigh~), wash her dishes, scrub her table, and pick up all the tiny pieces of trash off the floor. Then I sat on her sofa and watched "The Price Is Right". Good times.

In the afternoon, I drove Em to the doctor for a "procedure". She went in for a bit, then came out with a prescription for Valium and Lortab. Damn, some people have all the luck. (Only kidding.) The doctor wanted her feeling "high" before the procedure. So we drove to get the medicine, then drove back to the doctor. An hour later, she had lived through it all, and we drove away with yet another prescription for an antibiotic. Poor girl, she had a rough afternoon. But she did score a doctor's note for work and school ... day off tomorrow!

Speaking of the girl ... Em turned 23 on Friday. I remember being 23 with complete clarity, so it's really hard to reconcile in my brain that my BABY is 23. Ah well ... the circle keeps turning.

Hope your "Year of 23" is the best one yet, Miss Emilie.

I think that's about it for this Monday. Gonna watch "Wife Swap", take a shower, and conk out.

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