Friday, October 10, 2008

"Steady on ..."


For real.

And besides, there's no pleasant way for me to discuss the horrendous Clemson - Wake Forest game last night. Ugh.

I did survive my final exam. And I have to go BACK to class on Monday to pick up my packet for my two weeks of clinicals. Still don't know where I'll be assigned.

More fun for next week: Engineer's Poker at my house. Jimmy won last month's game, so yay. I'll be cleaning the house, making lasagna, and then watching TV in my bedroom until the festivities end, promptly at 10 PM.


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

"No little girl can stop her world to wait for me ..."

Seriously, I can hardly believe that today marks the 11th month since Miss Squish arrived on the scene. She's packed a lot of growing into those short 11 months, no?

(The picture above was taken on Friday, October 3rd. She was all smiles for her Aunt Patti, Uncle Michael, and Cousin Hallie.)

I totally enjoyed last weekend with our visitors from the south. We hiked around downtown Greenville all afternoon on Saturday, and then rewarded ourselves with beer (wine for me), and fried stuff from Liberty Tap Room. I wish they would come and visit more often ... maybe if I fed 'em better, they might consider it.


So my class is winding down. Tomorrow night is the big (open book) final exam. I know, I know. Open book, how hard could it possibly be? To tell you the truth, I've been studying a lot. The book is full of stuff that confuses me.

We have one week "off", then for the last two weeks of October I'll be spending my days in an ophthalmologist's office ... hopefully just "observing". I don't feel ready to actually touch a patient. I mean it.

On November 5th, we'll have a little graduation ceremony, and the the week after that, I'll start a quick review class for 8 nights. It makes no sense to me either. But they stressed that it was important. So I'll be there.

Last night, we had a little party to celebrate the fact that we all survived the 10-week class. And I got surprised with gifts. Apparently I was the only one of the 16 of us that made 100 on each and every test we took. (We had a test almost every class.) One of the instructors made me a crown with eyeballs. And I wore it, too. (For a minute or two.)

And one of my classmates made a little cake for me! Is that cute, or what? They really surprised me, and made me smile.


I lost my voice on Saturday, and it's still not to be found.


The last update I had from Georgia about New Baby Etta said that everything was going well. Melody got to go home on Friday, and Etta is still hanging out with the nurses at the hospital. She's eating like a Stark and no longer under the jaundice lamp. I know it won't be long before she's home with her two Moms and partying all night long.


One more picture of Squish, just for Auntie Em who misses her so much. This was taken last Thursday, October 2nd, on the swings at the neighborhood park. Swingin's one of her favorite things!

(I don't think that the elephant on her shirt necessarily means she's endorsing McCain. She's not sayin', one way or the other.)