Wednesday, November 23, 2005

"Caught up in circles, confusion is nothing new ,,,"

I can't get warm today.


Mother and I took the birthday cookies to Shady Acres at lunchtime today. The ladies were so cute. We talked with Grandma F for about an hour after she finished her lunch of fried chicken. She was dressed so nice today, and seemed to be in a great mood. She did talk a bit about her Magic Card, and the whole embalming in Georgia subject. But the main thing she wanted me to understand today was that she DOES NOT want us to talk about her going back to Georgia during her birthday meal at our house on Saturday. She told me that if Michael and Jimmy start to argue with her about it, I should tell them to hush and change the subject.

"Yes, ma'am!"


We bought bunches of groceries after that. Tomorrow is "The Day Of The Cooking". I'm looking forward to it!


That's it for tonight. It's late, and I'm tired. And oh, my back.

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