Wednesday, November 09, 2005

"Oh think twice, it's another day for you and me in paradise ..."

Today was "Cover Your Roots" day here. This was my 2nd visit to this salon. Just before the wedding last month, I was so pissed off at the stylist I had been using for a few years, I just up and called someone new. The old stylist had taken to dying my hair as close to black as it could be without actually being black ... which grew on me. I had sorta gotten used to that. But then the last 2 times I went to her, she cut my hair all one length ... like Jimmy would do, when I let him trim my hair. I felt like I was in elementary school. I told her, on the visit a week before the wedding, to please add some layers back in. So I came home with black hair and no layers. (I know this is a long, boring tale of my hair woes ... but you don't have to read it.) Anyway, 3 days before the wedding, I chose the New Sylist ... let's call her Marge, shall we? She did a great job trimming my hair that day, explaining that the length I was using was just calling attention to The Chin. But she said she didn't want to make any major changes right before the wedding.

Cut to today (no pun intended!) ... she lightened things up with highlights and a lighter brown all over. Then the scissors started flying through the air. Y'all, I'm now Melissa Etheridge's older, fatter twin sister. Marge is sorta hyper anyway, but I remember watching her cut my hair at one point ... while she was talking 90 miles an hour, laughing at her own jokes ... and wondering if she was just gonna keep cutting once she reached my scalp.

Actually, it would be a cute haircut on a normal-sized person. I think it just looks a bit wierd on top of this particular mountain.


No visit to Shady Acres today, although I was treated to a phone call this afternoon, detailing her afternoon in the bathroom. Why me?


I think I must have jinxed the Paolo family last night. They were "the last team to arrive". Here's another thing though ... the Weavers? The "Christian" family that calls all the other teams names and laughs at them behind their backs? They are giving lions all over the world one more reason to eat Christians. Damn, they work my last nerve.


Will Madonna singlehandedly bring back disco? God, I hope not.


Anonymous said...

your wishlist link in your profile doesn't go to your wishlist.

Dawn said...

Thanks. I think I fixed it.