Tuesday, November 08, 2005

"Now I ain't sayin' she a golddigger ..."

That's the song guaranteed to make me smile these days ... and dance when no one's looking.

Record high temperature in Greenville today ... I think it was 79 degrees. Yes Virginia, there is a Global Warming. But after almost 3 weeks, we have new grass! Can't believe I'm so excited about fescue, but after an entire summer of almost-NO grass ... well, this makes me happy. Who knew when I paid the yard guy to put down weed killer last May that it would kill the entire lawn?!? (Only those who have lawns made up entirely of crabgrass and clover will get the joke.)

Today at Shady Acres, there was a special command performance of some Baptist church's handbell choir. I got there about 15 minutes before they were to start, so I started hinting around the minute I walked in her door. She refused immediately, said she wasn't a "music lover". I countered with the idea that we would only stay for 10 minutes or so. She pondered that ... and AGREED! We got to the dining room after they had already started, found an empty spot next to her table-mate Millie, and settled in for some mighty fine handbell music. Only this was so very different from the beautiful brass-sounding bells I have seen on TV. There was a line of about 20 well-dressed Baptist senior citizens, each holding 2 brightly colored bells. After the director started the CD player, he would hold up cards with different colored circles on them, and the corresponding colored bell players would shake the holy hell out of their bells. And they were miked. Oh, my ears. They played "Feliz Navidad". Twice. I know Walmart is decorated for Christmas already, but please. They played a few hymns, and tried to end with "How Great Thou Art", but the CD player stopped working. Bottom line ... Grandma F stayed for the entire thing, and afterwards ... we went outside and sat in the sun for half an hour! It's a miracle, I'm telling you. This lady has refused to leave her room for over FIVE months ... and in the place she lived in Georgia, she was the same way. Maybe next time, it won't be so hard to convince her to try another activity. Well, one can always hope.

"Amazing Race" is 2 hours tonight. The NY Paolo family is growing on me. I think those boys, especially that older one, need a good whomp up the side of their heads for talking to their Mama the way they do. I never thought she'd make it this far ... and I don't think she did either. I love the way the Dad attacks Phil with a giant hug every time they come in first place. (Mainly I just love Phil.)

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