Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"Another day, another drama ..."

Yes, Dear Reader, I'm still alive. I'm just more boring than you could possibly imagine. For example, the highlight of this week is that the upstairs bathrooms have been cleaned. How am I supposed to make THAT interesting?

Let's see ... I did not watch the State Of The Union address last night. So I'm a bad American, as well as a bad blogger.

I do wish Heath Ledger's family would hire someone to rough up Nancy Grace. She went on and on about how pills were "strewn" around his dead body; when the police commissioner, and anyone else who has half a brain, were quick to make clear that pills were NOT "strewn" anywhere. (There were bottles of prescription medication with his name on them in the apartment. I think the same thing could be found in Ms. Grace's home.) Arrrgh! I believe she's usually on the right side, but is she not the most obnoxious, self-righteous, crazy-bitch drama queen you've ever seen? And she will never admit it when she's wrong.

And enough with the baby congrats, caller-people. She acts like she's the only woman in the world who ever had birthin' complications and ended up with healthy babies. My eyes hurt from the rolling.

Why am I watching that crap? I have no idea. Well, really I do. I watch her just so she can make me mad, and then I send all my hate to her via ESP. I watch her show because I can't stand her! Simmah down, Nancy!


What else am I watching, you ask?

I just finished up "The Real Housewives Of Orange County", and as always, I was sad to see the season end. Lucky for me though, Bravo has hatched a new series called "The Real Housewives of New York City". I watched the preview show, and Lord. I'd hang out with OC housewives any day, in favor of those NYC biatches. Pretentious much?? I'm already hooked though.

Also hooked on VH-1's "My Fair Brady" ... with little Peter Brady all grown up and *MY* age, married to 24-year-old Adrienne Curry of "America's Top Model" and "The Surreal Life" fame. In fact, they met when they both appeared on Surreal Life. I fear for him, really I do. He's in over his head with her.

I watch "Jon and Kate Plus 8" on TLC every week. Her sarcasm and his sweetness ... plus all those screaming kids equals good TV!

A&E provides me with excellent TV time with some "Intervention". Although I always wonder, after several seasons, don't these addicts watch TV at all? You'd think they'd catch on when they are "being filmed for a documentary about addiction" and asked to state their name and SPELL IT, that they were headed for a rehab facility on the coast!

"Amazing Race" just ended ... and happily, in my opinion. Those two hippies just floated their way to a million bucks on good karma alone. Yay for them.

How excited am I that the stupid writer's strike has forced CBS into throwing together a winter season of "Big Brother"? Pretty damn excited, that's how. "Big Brother 9" starts February 12th.

But even MORE exciting that that ... "Survivor: Fan Favorites" begins February 7th. James is back! But so is Johnnie Fairplay. Oh man. I can't wait.

Need even MOOORE excitement? "Lost" returns THIS WEEK! Yes. Only I can hardly remember what happened on the last epidode. Lucky for me, I found this. After the ad plays, a video pops up that tells you everything that's happened on "Lost" in 8 minutes. (I had to take notes.)


So you see dear Reader, life at my house in January is painfully quiet and slow. And it usually revolves around the big-screen TV.

How's it goin' with you?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"The world will turn if you're ready or not ..."

Halfway through January already ... I'm running behind and what else is new?


My daughter-in-law and her family have suffered a terrible loss, and my heart goes out to them as they now deal with the aftermath of losing a loved one. Grief is personal, and everyone deals in their own way ... and the rest of us feel quite helpless in wanting to make things easier for the ones hurting the most. My hope is that they find some peace in their memories of happy times together, and that they grow even closer as a family as they find their way through the aftermath of this tragic accident.

While I worried over everyone this weekend, I had the most happy distraction of all: I was asked to stay with Miss Squishy while her Mama and Daddy dealt with everything else. People, there are no words. My Friday, Saturday, and Sunday flew by in a blur of diapers, bottles, bouncy seats, and rocking chair time. And let's not forget the "nose buried in the baby's neck" time.

She is amazing. She is precious. She is beautiful. She is a miracle.

And when she smiles in my direction, I melt into a big old Nana puddle. I knew before she came that I would love this child. What I didn't know was how big that love would be ... and she hasn't even hugged me back yet.

(I had no idea that every blog post after 11/07/07 would be "Squishy-oriented", and I never intended for every post to include a picture of the baby ... but for now, that's the way my brain works, y'all. You'll have to deal with it until it passes. I figure it'll take about ten years or so.)

Monday, January 07, 2008

"Chasing the years of my life ..."

It's the first Monday of 2008 ... the official END of the holiday season. (And not a moment too soon.)

It's also a momentous day in our family. Miss Squishy is two months old today! Seems like SO much has happened since two short months ago, when we all met over at the hospital to welcome her into our world. It has definitely been a busy couple of months. She's even more beautiful today than she was on the day she was born. She's growing like crazy. The biggest change, to me, is her ability to focus on faces and things ... she looks and studies, and now you can see that she's really seeing everything. She's also beginning to "talk" ... those first sweet ooohs and ahhhs they make that are just the sweetest sounds you've ever heard. That, and the smiles. Oh, those heartbreaking smiles.

This picture is from Friday night, when she came to stay with us for a few hours while her Mama and Daddy went out together. I had laid her in the crib and turned the mobile on ... she laid there for a LONG time, totally entranced by the lights, the music, and the stuffed animals going around and around over her head.

Two Months Old!


Emilie made it home last night from her week in Ohio, safe and sound. Her "in a nutshell" review of Skybus Airline: "It's cheap! Expect delays."


Back to routine here today. I'll be at the grocery store momentarily ... getting back to the cooking dinner every night routine. Time to start exercising as well. I'm tired of just talking about how I'm going to be fit one of these days. Gotta start somewhere and today is the day.

Arrrghhhh ... I'll be FORTY-freakin'-NINE in less than 3 months. That really hurts.

But then I just look at another picture of Squishy, and I don't even care how old I am or how many gray hairs I'm covering every month. She makes me happy to just be here. She makes me look forward to the "next time" ... the future. That may be the BIGGEST change seen in the last two months. Thank you, Miss S. <3

Thursday, January 03, 2008

"Let's take it from the top ..."


It'll be September before I write it anywhere without having to stop and think, "What year is it?" ... hell, my natural instinct is to write "1998"! I'm TEN YEARS BEHIND!

Like that's news to anybody.


Shall we discuss Clemson's loss to Auburn in overtime at the Chickfila Bowl on New Year's Eve? No? Good.

I just wish they had played with some heart. It felt like they were only half into it. Bah.

Here's Miss Squishy's reaction:

(She was not impressed, Mr. Bowden.)


Mary, Kathy wants to be Eddy. Besides, as familiar as I am with a vodka bottle, I've always assumed I was closer to being Patsy than Eddy. I'm not blonde though. And I don't own any designer clothes. But I am older than God.