Thursday, November 17, 2005

"A thousand pictures can be drawn from one word ... "

From comments:

"... Of course, I am a pessimist and I am also thinking not to go to any trouble at all, because whatever is done, will most assuredly not suit her and then not used."

The model of water dispenser that looks to be the best for the situation is called a Hot Shot. I think Sunbeam makes it. She would pour the water in, and wait for a signal light to come on, telling her the water is hot. Then she places the mug underneath the spout, presses a button, and the hot water comes out. If the water isn't dispensed within a certain time-frame, the unit automatically shuts off. It costs about $25, I think.

And yeah, I figured if she wouldn't use it after I bought it, then I could use it to make MY hot tea. Or take it back.


Cleaning day at the castle. I simply MUST have now earned the title of Most Procrastinatin' Woman in the South.


Today is the start day for our Neilsen TV Viewing diaries. So far, mine has an hour for "All My Children" (Janet From Another Planet was on today!), and the rest of the afternoon I've had the TV tuned to MusicChoice: Classic Rock. I guess you can tell a lot about a person from what they watch on TV. Tonight on the tube: "Survivor", "CSI", and a Sopranos episode on DVD. My reward for cleaning all day.


No visit to Grandma F today. I'll see her tomorrow when I lug in the 38 bags of groceries ... yogurt, applesauce, pudding, jello, bananas, apples, and "lemon drink", plus bathroom stuff. Seems like every week, I'm dragging more stuff in over there.


Miss Maggie Belle is my best friend, even though her fumes make me gag.


Anonymous said...

stop feeding it wet food.

Jimmy said...

The heater looks almost perfect. ""

Will she get water in it or on it? Will be interesting to see how many times she heats nothing because she didn't get any water in the thing. You should make sure she has something with a spout that holds less than 2 cups of water to use only for filling the heater.

Once again,, I am nothing but the biggest pessimist.

Can't wait to see it in action. :o)

You are so nice to Grandma. She and everyone around her surely should know this. She is so lucky to have you close.