Tuesday, November 01, 2005

"I just want you to know ..."

Don't faint. It's me. A prize* will be awarded to the first one of you who notices. (*The word "prize" is used to describe a big smile from me, and maybe a hug when I see you.)


Let's see ... what's been going on since mid-2004? In no particular order:

1. Hayley the Devil Cat was, humanely and with many tears, put to sleep last November. There was something wrong with her brain, and it just wasn't safe to live with her anymore. I hope she forgives me and is living somewhere without pain.

2. We did go on that cruise in May of 2004. Brought home lots of good memories and pictures. Would love to go again one day, when a buttload of money shows up.

3. "Miss Daisy" passed away in July, 2004. Rest in peace, Betty.

4. Emilie graduated from Clemson in May, 2005. Yay, Emilie! I can't believe I am the Mama of two college grads.

5. Adam and Brandy married last month. It was a beautiful wedding. I was proud that I never once did the "ugly cry" during the ceremony like I thought I would. It went by so fast, I'd like to go back and live that weekend all over again. Happy memories ... and I have a daughter-in-law now!

6. Jimmy's grandmother moved to an assisted living home here in Greenville. I wrote that like she made the choice on her own. Ha. She most assuredly did not. She dreams of returning to Georgia every night, I'm sure. Jimmy has been working in Puerto Rico, so she's been basically my responsiblity since she got here in May. I'm getting used to her. She may never get used to me.

7. We got a new kitten in July, 2005 ... a sweet little Ragdoll named Miss Maggie Belle. Smelly Cat for short.

8. I joined Weight Watchers in November, 2004. I lost 35 pounds. Felt incredibly better. Then in January, Jimmy left for Puerto Rico. That's right, it's all his fault I'm no longer losing weight. It makes sense in my head.

9. I got the Dyson vacuum. It's great ... and I use it just as rarely as I did the old one.

10. In December of 2004, Emilie and I drove to Pennsylvania. She was a bridesmaid in her roommate's wedding. I have good memories of that little road trip.

11. Adam got a good job in April, 2005. I think he enjoys his days. I know he enjoys a regular paycheck.

12. Uhhh. So yeah, it's been quiet. Something may come to me later, and I'll be sure to record it here for posterity.-----Gonna try for a nightly update from here on out. Hold me to it, will you?

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AJ said...

I call the prize!!! I win!!! You all suck!!!!! Who's the big winner? ME!!! That's right. WOOOOOOO! I rock!!!!! I'm the winner!!!! One to NUTHIN!!!!