Wednesday, November 30, 2005

"Nothing in particular, and everything in between ..."

Phone call early ... EARLY ... this morning. Grandma F called to tell me her laundry was clean, and ready to be put away.

When I got there around 10:30 AM, the dirty laundry was right where I had left it the day before. I went down to tell the nurses that I would be doing her damn laundry from now on. The head nurse was royally ticked ... showing me where she had written instructions to 2nd shift the day before, to do her laundry. I told her not to worry ... no big deal. At least if I do it, I'll know it was done ... and I can make sure all the kleenex and paper towels are out of her pockets beforehand.

Grandma let me trim and file her nails! Oh my, how much better they looked. I was careful not to "file her flesh" as I did before. That was why she wouldn't let me touch them for 4 months. She gave Frances an earful about going back to Columbus, telling her that Shady Acre's price had risen so much, now it is far more expensive than where she lived before. Why she thinks she knows the price better than Jimmy and I do ... we write the checks ... is beyond me. And she will not listen when I try to tell her the price is the same as when she moved in. She grinned the whole time her rooster alarm clock was crowing ... I guess because it made Frances jump, and then laugh. She says, "That rooster crows SIXTEEN times."


Had leftovers AGAIN for dinner tonight. Yep, it's getting old.


Even older: Frances watches QVC like it's a real TV program ... for hours at a time. My right eye has developed a tic, and it's not even December.


I wish Patti was here to drink a beer on the deck with me.

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