Wednesday, November 16, 2005

"They think so small, they use small words ..."

ESPN2 will now broadcast the entire Clemson-Carolina game on Saturday night ... but only in the state of South Carolina. The other 49 states only get the first 45 minutes. And anyone who has already ordered the Pay-Per-View version is stuck paying the $35. Lucky for me, I was still pondering the Pay-Per-View crap.


Grandma F called me at 11 PM last night to tell me she was constipated. I told her to stop sitting in the bathroom, and go to bed and rest. She said she would. Today she told me that, last night, she dozed off on the sofa, sitting up ... and had all kinds of crazy dreams. Her legs and feet were swollen again today, after several weeks of normalcy. She asked again about the hot water for tea in the mornings ... I mentioned the hot water dispenser, and asked if she thought she could safely use one. She said she didn't know. I told her she could ask for hot tea with her lunch and supper too, there are always tea bags and sugar packets on the tables. She said, "No, I don't want to drink tea in there." Sometimes it just feels to me as though she tries really hard to be difficult and contrary. I wish she could just take a deep breath and relax. Go with the flow. Chill.


Drove by Adam and Brandy's future neighborhood this afternoon, and was happy to see curbs in place. Progress.


The temperature is dropping as I type this. I have no winter clothes. Guess I'll just have to hibernate.

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Jimmy said...

What do you think of the little small 2 cup coffee makers? The idea crossed my mind that she would not have to use it as it is intended, just to make a cup of coffee. She could put some water on the heating pad and just wait...

I have also seen small one cup heating pads for use in the office.

The thing could be put on a timer such that it would not work, except within a two hour window in the morning. It then would not be a hazard except during the two hours.

You, me or someone could set it up with water, then the timer could turn it on automatically in the morning. She could enjoy a cup of hot water without doing much of anything.

Of course, I am a pessimist and I am also thinking not to go to any trouble at all, because whatever is done, will most assuredly not suit her and then not used.