Monday, November 21, 2005

"If I could hold on through the tears and the laughter ..."

13 to 9. What a nice feeling! Great game ... so NOW what am I going to do with my Saturdays?


I had a really good, really fast visit to Georgia on Sunday. First to the cemetary, where Daddy's flowers got freshened up. I tried to tell him all about the wedding of his "precious and little" Adam ... only I couldn't get the words out without crying, and I didn't want to upset Mother, who was waiting in the car and watching me act like a goof at a grave.

Then, on to Michael and Patti's place, which always looks sparkly and so very uncluttered. Michael was maintaining his lawn-that-looks-like-a-carpet, and Patti was re-sparkling the kitchen floor when we got there. Had a nice visit, although short. I'm looking forward to their trip here on Friday ... and Paul is coming! :-)

Then, to see Kay. She and Beth were there, and we stayed for good visit. Kay cooked for us, while I admired her new kitchen floor and painted walls. Her house looks better than it ever has ... and all it took was a massive pine tree falling through her roof. Yay, Storm.

Josh and his sweetheart, Linda came in right before we left ... so I was glad to get a "Josh Hug". He'a the master of a good hug. It was raining like crazy when we left. We loaded Mama's luggage in at her house, and got on the road to LaGrange. We stopped at Laura and Melody's for a while, enjoying the fire and happy talk. We tore ourselves away, and drove through the pouring rain all the way home again.

Every time I drive it, I feel sad that I live so far away from Family.


I was convinced it was a kidney tumor, but now I think I simply pulled a muscle in my back. A big, nerve-filled muscle. It hurts like a mofo. (No offense, Michael.) I hope I'll live.


Rained all day today ... perfect day to stay in and wear my happy pants. But no.

Grandma F wanted cranberry sauce and peanut butter today. I changed her bedsheets and put her laundry out, after checking to make sure that it was ok to put it in the hall after 3 PM. On my way out, I asked the med tech, since I noticed no one else had laundry out ... she said it needed to be out after 7 PM. If anyone ever needed a picture of "one hand doesn't know what the other hand is doing", they should take a picture of this place. Then she told me that they'd go in and get it if it wasn't in the hall. (Which is what I was told when she moved in six months ago.) Anyway.

Tomorrow is her 93rd birthday. Incredible. I wish she was happier. She got 4 birthday cards in the mail today, and another came to our house for her. Tomorrow I am taking a tray of brownies and cookies to the break room for all the caregivers ... with a note that reads, "In honor of our Grandmother's 93rd Birthday, we hope you will enjoy these treats with our appreciation for all you do every day. Happy Thanksgiving!" Am I kissing rear ends? Maybe. Heh.

I'm also taking 2 cookies for each of the ladies she eats her meals with ... just like I used to do when the kids were in elementary school. I told you, the circle keeps turning.


Back is hurting ... gonna lay down now. I promise I'll stop complaining about the back pain just as soon as I stop feeling it. I swear.

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