Wednesday, November 02, 2005

New Home


I'm not entirely new to the whole blogger world. I've read other people's online journals and blogs for years. I even kept a little LiveJournal going for a couple of years while my kids were away at college as a way of keeping in touch. It was fun to express myself in that way. I stopped writing there over a year ago, when some major life trauma was happening with my daughter. And I just never picked it back up again. Well, actually I did write an entry last night ... but after such a long hiatus, it felt right to look around for new surroundings.

So here I am. Wondering if I am computer-savvy enough to do this with no help ... already knowing the answer to that is "no". Wondering if anyone will read the rambling thoughts and daily goings-on of a middle-aged housewife ... already knowing the answer to that is "the same people who used to read my LiveJournal, except Kay and Beth won't because they don't have a computer anymore". (Wondering how anyone functions in this day and time without a computer!)

I'm 46. I have 2 adult children. My son, age 25, is married to his college sweetheart. My daughter, 23 on Friday, lives here at home while she finshes up her education. My husband and I will celebrate our 27th anniversary next month. In all my life, I have never held a job that one could consider "making a living". I think that makes me feel very unworthy. Also, like I was born in the wrong century.

My proudest accomplishment in my life is the fact that I raised two really wonderful human beings. Although, I do realize that I can't really take full credit for that. They are who they are. And I am just blessed to have been allowed to hang around while they were growing up. Those were my favorite years ... so far.

Well, I'm going to use this place as I did the old one ... a place to document my days. Boring as they may be, they are mine and I love to look back at them as time passes. If someone comes along to read it all, that'd be OK too.

See ya.


Lunchbox said...

Good news and bad news. The good news is that more people will read your blog here at blogger than did at livejournal. When you look at a blog on this site, there is a navbar at the top and the button on the right that says "next" pulls up some other random blog. So, people surfing through random blogs will hit yours every once in a while. Ours gets about 5 hits a day from these random surfers.

The bad news is that this means your going to have to be extra carful about what you post, because it's not just friends and family anymore.

Dawn said...

I noticed that, but figured my boring ramblings won't attract much attention.

I was pretty careful before, no? Only first names, and such. Tell me if I need to think of other things.

Love you.