Thursday, November 24, 2005

"I eat too much ..."

Not really ... I ate a normal amount today. With only the four of us here, we didn't have an obscene amount of food.


But man, I baked a nastay cheesecake. I decided to slice into it to make sure it was Paul & Hallie worthy ... and I'm so glad I did. Because this thing is too gross. I got the recipe from a Southern Living Favorites cookbook, and it's called "Ultimate Cheesecake". Chuh right. It has lumps the size of rice all though it, so in your mouth, it feels like it has cottage cheese in it. So, so wrong.

Why did I try a NEW recipe when I have a perfect New York Cheesecake recipe given to me by a woman who was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY? Hellifiknow.

So tomorrow, I'll be trotting my wide butt out to the grocery store to get more cream cheese, so I can make a decent cheesecake.

However, the sweet potato pie was delish.


Jimmy napped all afternoon. I did not. I bet it felt really good.

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