Monday, November 14, 2005

"Her dreams went out the door when she turned 24 ..."

All the windows are open at the castle today ... so warm for mid-November. The neighbor's yard guy has been mowing and/or blowing (in other words, MAKING NOISE) for the last 4 hours, I kid you not. How is that possible? The lot is not that big. Grrrr. "English, motha*!*^#&. Can you speak it?!!?"

Me = Bad Neighbor.


Grandma F was semi-perky this morning. She showed her bossy side when I combed her hair. "Comb it harder. But not too hard like those other people." Ooooh K.

I have an appointment in the morning with the head nurse to re-assess her care plan. It seems they do this every 6 months. I am leaning toward asking them to start delivering a breakfast tray to her room every morning. Today Grandma said she was going to ask them to bring her a cup of hot water and a doughnut every morning. Don't know where that came from. I have asked her several times if she would like them to bring her a tray and some hot tea for breakfast, and the answer is always "no". Now she wants a doughnut every day? Anyway, I'll talk to the nurse and possibly give that a trial run and see how it goes.


Paul McCartney is on "Ellen" this afternoon. He said he'd be turning 64 years old soon, and may have to consider changing the lyrics to his song "When I'm 64" to "When I'm 84". He said 64 seems young to him now. He's still pretty darn cute for an old man.


Nothin' much else going on around here today. Feeling gray like the sky, and in need of sleep. I slept last night from 2 AM to 4 AM. Not quite enough, what do you think?

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