Friday, August 31, 2007

"The days are dull, the nights are long ..."

... "Goodbye to you", August. So there.

Wow! I have comments! You'll never know how much I appreciate all you (three) readers. Especially considering the horrible lack of content over the course of the last ten years. Soon, I will plan a "Commenter Appreciation Party" here at the castle. Then you will have no doubt how much you are loved.

And Melissa, girl. "Big Brother" is how I get through the summer! For the last eight years, I spend 3 nights every week during the summer, glued to my TV, totally addicted to each competition, every argument between "houseguests", AND to see what Julie Chen is wearing. The first year, the live feeds were through AOL, and they were free. I could watch the crazies 24/7 on my computer! I could watch them sleep! I could watch them trim their toenails! I could watch them use Q-tips! (Only I had dial-up back then, and couldn't watch crap.) Nowadays, you must "subscribe" and pay to watch the unedited crazy.

Eh, I wouldn't watch the live feeds even if I could. It's the editing that makes the show so fun. That whole Waaamber Prayer below never made it to the TV show ... the producers make her look even loonier than THAT! Loved how, last week, they had her talking about how people tell her she could be "a model", while she stuffed her mouth with snack food. She's precious.

Last night's show was aired at 3 AM or something close to it, so CBS could do some football. I hope my DVR got it ... and I do hope Waaamber wasn't evicted. If so, I'll have to save all my eyerollin' for Daniele. (Yes, Brandy ... her whining makes me want to go through the ROOF!)

The finale of the show will be the week of our beach vacation. Good thing most of the family watches the show. Not my husband though ... he saves all his Reality TV Love for "Dancing With The Stars". Oh honey! They announced the "stars" for the new season yesterday ... did you see?

From the official website:

MELANIE BROWN - "Mel B.," a.k.a. "Scary Spice," is best known as a member of the Spice Girls, the hit British music group that put "girl power" on the map and took the world by storm in 1996. For the first time in six years, she reunites with her four bandmates to embark on a world tour this December. Brown is also a mother, entrepreneur and actress who starred in Rent as Mimi on Broadway, in The Vagina Monologues in London, and hosted the British TV series This is My Moment. She is partnered with MAKSIM CHMERKOVSKIY, who returns for his fourth season.

SABRINA BRYAN - Actress and recording artist Sabrina Bryan starred as a member of an all-girl singing group in Disney Channel's original movie, The Cheetah Girls. The hit movie translated into musical success for the girls, who went on to release two albums and toured the U.S. as The Cheetah Girls. Bryan is set to star in the upcoming The Cheetah Girls 3. She has also starred in The Bold and the Beautiful. Bryan is partnered with newcomer MARK BALLAS.

HELIO CASTRONEVES - The two-time Indianapolis 500 champion began the celebratory tradition of climbing the racetrack fence in 2001, racing for Team Penske. A native of Brazil, Castroneves is partner and owner of the NasrCastroneves racing team, which competes in the Brazilian Stock Car V8 Championship. He has amassed twelve wins and forty-nine top five finishes during his IndyCar career. Castroneves teams with reigning champ JULIANNE HOUGH, who returns for her sophomore season.

MARK CUBAN - Cuban is the owner of the Dallas Mavericks NBA basketball team. He is the highly successful entrepreneur who founded HDNet, and MicroSolutions. Cuban went on to sell and Micro Solutions to Yahoo! and CompuServe, respectively. He is partnered with KYM JOHNSON, who returns for her third season.

JENNIE GARTH - Garth rose to stardom in the popular television series Beverly Hills: 90210. She since starred in the sitcom What I Like About You for four seasons. Over the course of her career, she has produced and starred in several made-for-TV movies. Her most recent project was a lead role in Lifetime's Girl, Positive, which was the network's highest-rated movie this year. Garth's partner is newcomer DEREK HOUGH, brother of Season Four winner Julianne Hough.

JOSIE MARAN - Model/actress Josie Maran has graced the pages of some of the biggest magazines, including multiple covers for Glamour and appearances in Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue. She's also been featured in national ad campaigns for Guess and Maybelline, and has appeared in such films as The Aviator and Van Helsing. Today Maran is a busy entrepreneur, activist and new mom. She launches her eponymous eco-chic cosmetic line, Josie Maran Cosmetics, this fall, and is a spokesperson for the national environmental organization Global Green. Maran is paired with Season One winner ALEC MAZO, who makes his third appearance.

CAMERON MATHISON - Mathison joined the cast of All My Children in January 1989 as Ryan Lavery. After leaving the show for a year, he returned in 2003 to reprise this fan-favorite role, for which he has received an Emmy nomination. He is also presently hosting the fourth season of SOAPnet's reality series, I Wanna Be A Soap Star. His television credits also include The Drew Cary Show, CSI, JAG, What I Like About You, F/X: The Series, the television movie Any Mother's Son, and ABC Family's See Jane Date. Mathison's partner is EDYTA SLIWINSKA, the only professional dancer to appear in all five seasons.

FLOYD MAYWEATHER - "Pretty Boy" Floyd Mayweather is a six-time world champion in five different weight classes and the current RING and World Boxing Council Welterweight Champion of the World, with an astounding undefeated record of 38-0, with 24 knockouts. He is universally recognized as pound-for-pound the best fighter in the world. Mayweather teams with KARINA SMIRNOFF, who returns for her third season.

WAYNE NEWTON - The Legend, Mr. Las Vegas, is enjoying a career that few dare even dream about, having performed more live shows than any other single performer in Las Vegas history, with no signs of slowing down. He has been mentored by such talents as Jackie Gleason, Lucille Ball, Bobby Darin, Jack Benny and Frank Sinatra, which has inspired him to great success in motion pictures, television and recordings. As Chairman of the USO Celebrity Circle, Newton recently said, "I want to use my head for myself and my heart for mankind." He is partnered with two-time champ CHERYL BURKE.

MARIE OSMOND - Osmond won the hearts of fans as co-host of the popular variety program, The Donny & Marie Show. She has since starred in several made for television movies, co-hosted Ripley's Believe It or Not, achieved success as a recording artist, performed on Broadway, made the New York Times bestselling authors list, and established herself as an entrepreneur with her highly successful Marie Osmond Collectible Doll line. She is also the co-founder and co-host of the Children's Miracle Network. Osmond will be led by JONATHAN ROBERTS, who returns for his fourth season.

ALBERT REED - Model Albert Reed has been featured in national ad campaigns for Abercrombie & Fitch, Diesel Clothing, Arrow Clothing, Rayban and Reebok, to name a few. The free-spirited 22-year-old has walked the catwalk for Chanel, Levis and Michael Kors. Growing up in Miami, Reed surfed competitively into his late teens, winning several titles. He is also an actor, musician and artist. He teams up with ANNA TREBUNSKAYA, who returns for her second season.

JANE SEYMOUR - Actress/artist/author/activist/designer and Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning British born Jane Seymour is a star of motion pictures (Wedding Crashers, Live and Let Die, Somewhere in Time) and television, ranging from her six-season Western drama, Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman, to her reign as 'Queen of the Mini-Series,' so dubbed by critics and the media. In addition Seymour is a bestselling author, widely successful artist, designer of her own line of homewares and accessories, and an activist on behalf of underprivileged and abused children around the world. Seymour is paired with TONY DOVOLANI, who returns for his fourth season.

Personally, I think that show stinks. Although I might watch to see Ryan from "All My Children" a time or two. He's hot. Jimmy only watches to see the women in the skimpy clothes. If he was truly interested in the art of DANCE, he would have watched "So You Think You Can Dance" all summer with his daughter and his wife! BUSTED!


So it's ten years today since Princess Diana was killed in the car crash. What were YOU doing when you heard the news? I think I've written about this before ... maybe when I was over at LiveJournal though ... I was sloshing around in a box o' wine, playing online with my AOL chatroom buddies. As usual. (What a monumental waste of time and energy THAT was. I wish I could have a few of those years back. I know, I know. You told me so.)

I was so sad when she died. But then a box o' wine makes pretty much everything seem really dark and depressing. Staying up all night long, talking to "imaginary friends" online doesn't do much for your mental health either. Duh. Live and learn, baby.


Clemson Football ... Monday night ... Season opener against FSU! GO TIGERS!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

"Let the choir sing ..."

Hopefully I'm not the only one watching Big Brother who thinks it's pretty damn nutty to tell God, "God bless you" during prayer. Amber (Waaaamber) has done this twice by my count. I'm imagining that God is listening, and then rolls his eyes and says "Oy!" when she whines, "I love you so much God ... God bless you ... bye." It made me laugh so hard that time she coughed in the middle of praying, and then told God, "Excuse me."

I'm going to hell for making fun of a Christian cocktail waitress/former drug addict. I'll save you a seat.

Monday, August 27, 2007

"Someone said count your blessings now ..."

Let's talk about me, shall we?

Surgery went well last Tuesday. The hospital actually called to see if I could rush over there, about an hour earlier than I was scheduled. (I think Dr. Bour cancelled someone else's surgery.) We rushed, and I was in and out by 4 PM. The first day home was fairly easy, thanks to the drugs I had in the hospital. At the time, I thought I was "in pain", laying there in my bed on Tuesday evening. Hah!

The pain started on Wednesday, and didn't leave again until mid-Saturday. It was bad. And I'm usually a trooper (I think), as long as I have my oxycodone. I stayed medicated, but this pain was constant, with periods of "You Think THAT Was Pain, Missy??" thrown in for good measure. I called the surgeon's office on Friday, afraid to let the weekend begin without checking to make sure this was normal. They said it most certainly wasn't, and asked me to get over there before they closed on Friday.

So he felt around and looked concerned. And told me he had no idea what was going on. He sent me home with three new drugs, and asked me to call if things got worse. And the plan was to go back for a CT scan Monday to see what was causing the hurt. Only on Saturday, it just stopped.

I felt, all day Saturday, like I had been in a really good exercise session ... you know, the kind of sore you feel after a big workout. But nothing like the breath-stopping, take-God's-name-in-vain, tears-in-my-eyes PAIN I'd been having. Sunday felt even better.

I'll call the office today and leave a message, telling them I'm fine. And I'll go in on Thursday for my post-op appointment, and hopefully he can tell me what he thinks was going on. Last summer, when I had so many complications after surgery, he called me their "enigma". I have a feeling the nickname will still apply.


Beach Countdown begins in earnest today. 19 more days! I laid awake half the night, making lists in my head ... I need to get some started on paper so that won't happen again. Man, I hope we have good weather that week. I can't wait to get there!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

"We don't need no education ..."

Adam wrote about this yesterday ... and I'm still laughing about it today. Why is this so damn funny to me?! The correct reaction should be horror and disgust. But I can't stop laughing at her ass.

Monday, August 20, 2007

"It doesn't make much sense ..."

It's already August 20! How did this happen? It's the first day of school here ... still strange to me that this doesn't affect my life in any way these days. So many memories of getting the kids down the street to Buena Vista Elementary School ... and the first day of school meant that fall is just around the corner. Why, even today we are having a cold snap ... 95 degrees for a high. Brrr!

I had a lovely weekend, you? I drove to a suburb of Charlotte, NC on Saturday to attend a bridal shower, given by my very own daughter-in-law in honor of her sister. I'd like to go on record and join the rest of you who maintain that "Mapquest sucks." It has never messed with me until now. I felt I could depend on it. But wow. If I had followed the first messed-up instruction it gave me, I'd be in Cleveland Ohio, looking for the next turn to Amy's house. Pffft.

Anyway, the shower was beautiful ... loved seeing Amy (my faithful commenter), and other "in-laws" ... some of whom I hadn't seen since Adam and Brandy's wedding! Here's the scrumptious table of food that Brandy prepared for us to munch:


Sunday, I slept late ... then got to work, unpacking boxes and replacing all our STUFF that had been moved around during the floor fiasco. I'm finally finished! Not really, there's still a box of books in the upstairs hallway, waiting to be placed back on the shelf. And the closet in this room ... the computer room/exercise room/guest room/junk room (ah hell, I'll always call it Adam's room) ... it needs some major help. But for the most part, we can go back to the business of living here.


Today I am looking forward to a lovely menu of clear liquids! I am planning to enjoy some hot tea (see above, cold snap), some sugar-free popsicles, and ummmm ... some water! This will take great effort on my part, just so you know. There is leftover pizza in the fridge. And quiche. And lots of Fage yogurt, which is my new favorite food. It's only one day. It's only one day.

My surgery is set for tomorrow afternoon at 1:00. The anesthesia guy told me I could drink water up until 7 AM. I may set the alarm for about 5 AM, so I can get up and hydrate. I know by the time 11 AM gets here, I'm going to be whining for a sip of water. And everybody knows if your surgery isn't the first one of the day, it's going to be later than what they tell you. Sigh.

It's outpatient surgery though, so I'll be back at home tomorrow evening. Everybody come over for a Lortab party!

Monday, August 13, 2007

"Breakfast table in an otherwise empty room ..."

At the castle this weekend, it was pretty darn quiet. But quiet is good. Sometimes.

Here we are at Monday again, and I'm doing what I do best: Procrastinating! I've got tons to do in preparation for the carpet guys tomorrow. I'm sure, before the end of the day, I'll have done it. It's just scary to me to admit just how long I can put things off. I guess after you practice something for over 40 years, you get really good at it.

I never heard from my surgeon's office last week, so I'm hoping the phone will ring today. Seemed like every thing I ate this weekend caused pain. (Except for an omelet on Sunday afternoon.)

So. The china cabinet and bookshelf in the den are waiting to be emptied. I don't even want to think about the closet floors. Maybe that's the secret ... I won't THINK about it. But I really do have to get busy. Tomorrow I will finally have new floors (or the beginnings of them)!

Friday, August 10, 2007

"Those flashing lights come from everywhere ..."

In today's "Dawn's Latest Drama" segment:

As predicted by me and my awesome Google skillz, Dr. Bour confirmed yesterday that I am the proud owner of an "internal hernia". Niiice. It certainly explains the off-and-on pain I've had since July 22nd.

Basically, it means my bowel is showing up in places it's not welcome. The changes made to my intestines during the gastric bypass surgery last year have made it possible for my bowel to get kinked and slip in and out of "empty pockets" in my belly where there used to be fat. This is a very rare complication of the surgery, and one that could potentially cause major problems ... left untreated, I could have a bowel obstruction. Uhhh ... no, thank you.

So I'm waiting to hear from the surgery scheduler today. I trust my doctor, and he says he can fix it.

No worries.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

"A little too ironic ..."

I just read that Amy Winehouse is considering entering rehab. Ouch.

"And I said no, no no ..."


Once again, sorry for the lack of updates. I'm censoring myself before I even type things out nowadays, deciding most of what I would be writing about is far too boring for human consumption. I'm thinking of YOU, really I am.


Quick Update:

~ Emilie got a job! Yay! And the best part of all, she likes it. (So far.) The other best part: it's 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday thru Friday. The other best part: She doesn't have to stand all day. The last best part: Benefits!

~ New flooring arrives on Tuesday.

~ I see the doctor this afternoon for the results of this week's CT scan. Details to follow, when I know more.

~ God, it's hot outside. This week is brutal. Every day I pray for our 18-year-old AC unit to live another day.

~ I swear I'm going to write more often.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

"Oooo - what a funky lady ..."


This is almost WORD FOR WORD what I said to myself in the mirror this morning.