Thursday, November 03, 2005

"Beverly Hills, that's where I want to be ..."

Major progress today at Shady Acres ... exciting only to me, and possibly my husband. Grandma F actually WENT OUTSIDE in her wheelchair, and we sat in the sun for about half an hour!!! I think she enjoyed it, and saw for herself that there were no "dope fiends" sitting out there on the front porch. (She loves to tell me that when you have people sitting around smoking cigarettes, there are bound to be "dope fiends" around in the same place.) So I pushed her in her chair, all around the front area, looking at the flowers. Then we sat in a sunny spot, read her weekly letter from a friend, and talked to passersby. Not a dope fiend to be spotted. Maybe she'll want to go again tomorrow ... cross your fingers.

It was 70 degrees, and she wore a scarf over her ears, along with her heavy sweater. I don't care!!! She was out of her room!!!


Went to Walmart today. Survived.


I looked at the calendar today and choked on my own spit. There are only a few weeks between now and Thanksgiving! I need to get the house (and myself) ready for The Visit*. I guess I'll go down to get her sometime during the week of Turkey Day. Small beans to some, but constant company is hard for folks like me who actually enjoy alone-time.

(* My mom's annual month-long stay at my house.)


I saw country singer Mindy McCready on Oprah today. Geez Louise. Proof that a little bit of stardom and a video on CMT does not a high self-esteem make. Her "boyfriend" has beaten her to a pulp more than once, and she still loves him. And she's pregnant. *sigh* I'm tellin' you, people need to have to pass a "common sense" test before they can conceive a child.


I was bringing in a half-gallon of milk this evening ... almost had it safely in the garage fridge. Then I dropped it. Now there's a half-gallon of milk in my shoes (which I left, draining, outside), on my pants, and all over the garage floor.

So yeah, I'm off to change clothes now.

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Lunchbox said... is Monday today and it has been since last Thursday since you wrote. You can't slack off already! I check this everyday just to see what is going on in the life of Dawn and Grandma Ford. This is exciting stuff, so don't let me down!