Monday, September 01, 2003

"Tell that someone that you love, just what you're thinking of, if tomorrow never comes ..."

Oh, the horror.

UGA - 30
Clemson- 0

Ouch. What happened to Clemson's offense? Charlie Whitehurst can't do it all by himself. To paraphrase a quote from Sunday's Greenville News: Tommy Bowden's hotseat just burst into flames. Too bad he doesn't share his Daddy's coaching gene. :-(

And it was all in front of a sold-out crowd and on national TV too. Crap.


We played Putt Putt last night with Adam and Brandy. I had forgotten the fun of hitting the little ball into the hole. Brandy won ... and I lost. Heh.


Off now to pick up Jimmy's prescription, and run by Sam's. Hope those Labor Day shoppers don't get in my way.

Thought For Today:
"And that's the way it is." (Walter Cronkite)

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