Saturday, September 13, 2003

"Happy Birthday to you ..."

Happy Birthday Adam! Thank you for coming to eat dinner with me tonight, and allowing me to get all gushy while remembering the wonderful time I had raising you. Consider it your birthday gift to ME! :-)

I hope the coming year is so good to you ... that your troubles are few, and your successes, many. And congratulations on your new job! Redfern has just hired the BEST Tech Support person I know! I hope you love it.


We got up early and took Ms. Hayley to the vet today. She was calm and collected through most of the exam, only hissing and snapping toward the end. Her temp was a bit high, although that might be explained by the stress she was feeling, just being there. The doctor said there was no evidence of fleas ... duh. So she then started talking about allergies. She gave Hayley a shot of cortisone, and said that might give her some relief. And if, by 2 weeks from now, we haven't noticed a decrease in the chewing and bald legs, we should bring her back in for allergy testing.

She also asked if Hayley could be considered "high-strung". I really didn't know how to answer, since Hayley is a quiet kitty, but she sometimes has "mood swings". Ha. Anyway, the doctor said some pets have a sort of obessive-compulsive thing, where they just chew and chew. She said there were medications that she could take, if that was the case. Seems sort of ironic that Hayley might possibly share the same diagnosis as her loving owner.


And now I'm tired. I hope all my loved ones are safe and sound, and know how much I do love them. Night night.


Thought For Today:
"Hurry! The passengers have been rated by the PG!" (Adam, the bear killer. June 1984)

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