Sunday, September 07, 2003

"Can I handle the seasons of my life? ..."

'Twas a quiet Sunday, yes it was. I enjoyed some time with my oldest (about to be even older) kid this afternoon. We shopped a bit and then had a salad at California Dreaming. Very nice. :-) After he headed back to Clemson, I returned a pair of navy pants I bought the other day. I knew they weren't "tall" when I bought them, but I don't feel so tall anymore, and thought they'd fit. They came to just around my ankle. Grr. And the store didn't carry them in "tall". Apparently all fat women are 5'6". Nice. Afterwards, I drove around and looked at yards and houses, enjoying the cool afternoon.


Clemson - 28
Furman - 17

That's a little more like it. Although it still felt like they were playing lazy. It was a fun game to watch though.


I have saved the following bit of wisdom on my hard drive for years, and have no idea who to credit for writing it. But it's too good not to share. Maybe you need to think on it like I do. :-)

Experience life -

The worst thing that can happen is nothing. Though there is a risk of failure in any undertaking, there is a certainty of failure when you never even make the attempt.

Each time you get hurt, each time you fall short of the mark, you add another excuse to your arsenal. But excuses won't bring anything of value to your life. They only make you more skilled at avoiding the abundant goodness that life has to offer.

Forget the excuses. Stop worrying about failure. Life is yours to be lived. You'll gain nothing by hiding from it. The cold wind on your face may sting a little bit, yet it lets you know you're alive.

Fill each moment with new experiences. Fill each day with effort directed toward a meaningful purpose. It sure beats hiding in the corner. Though you'll occasionally stumble, you'll be stumbling forward, and enjoying the abundant experience of being alive.

Amen. And that concludes this week's Soul Lesson.


Thought For Today:
"Never try to floss your teeth after putting on hand lotion."

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