Tuesday, September 16, 2003

"All this science I don't understand, it's just my job five days a week ..."

Even though my eyes are still twirling around in their sockets, here I am putting up a journal entry just for you. (Aww.) No kidding, work today was amazing. Who knew there was so much crap to consider every time Joe Schmoe gets a new drug from his doctor? It all sort of flew through my brain in a blur, every time they threw something else at me to do. They kept applauding, and saying what a great job I was doing ... but I suspect they were just trying to make sure I'd be back for my next shift. (And yeah, there were moments that I wondered how much money I could make doing child care from my house.) But the pharmacist is so very calm and nice, and the other techs are very friendly and helpful ... especially the lead tech. So I guess I'll keep plugging away at it. So very much for my old brain to learn ... it hurts!

Yeah, and so do my feet.


Em, hope your cold is improving. :-) If not, get more rest and drink some chicken soup. xoxoxo


Thought For Today:
"So when you think you're the only one who can't find love in this world, tell yourself there's another one who's waiting for you somewhere." (Rod Stewart)


Emilie said...

I wonder....
Hey, just wanted to say hi while I'm in between classes and I don't really have much to do. Yesterday after class, I went to get some dayquil and nyquil and then went to the library with Karen to work on a bunch of stuff. Then I started feeling really icky and went home and fell asleep. I woke up at like 8 something and went next door to print out something on Rob's printer. He wasn't there so I hung out with Jud until he got back. Then I started feeling really like complete crap so I went back home and cried and called Karen and she was just like "Well I'm at Clay's, do you want me to come home?" And so I said, "no I dont want to make you come home. I'm gonna go throw up now."....and she just said "okay well go do that". So then I tried to throw up but I couldn't. So then I took some nyquil and Kate came home and luckily she's the sweetest person in the world and she actually takes care of people when they're sick. She made me noodle soup and put it in a bowl on a plate with saltine crackers surrounding it. And she poured me a coke and stirred out all the bubbles because she said the bubbles would upset my stomach. And dad called me on my cell phone last night so I was talking to him and eating the crackers and soup at the same time....and I ended up spilling the hot soup everywhere and I said shit twice on the phone with dad because it was everywhere and I didn't feel good. So he said to go clean it up and he would talk to me later. I wish I could have talked to him longer though because I haven't talked to him in a long time. So then I cleaned up the mess and eventually passed out from the nyquil....and karen woke me up at 7:22 this morning asking me if I was going to class, so I put on clothes, took dayquil, made myself look halfway decent and went to my 8:00 and got there late, where I got another A-/B+ on a letter....I don't understand what the hell this guy wants to get an A....I keep doing everything he says, but its always a B+. My last two have been A-/B+ though so maybe thats his way of saying there's improvement. I don't know...it pisses me off though....here are the comments he wrote on my last letter:
"This is a little back and forth. Rearranging the order of the sentences might help. A-/B+"
And the one before that:
"The formatting is fine, and the letter has the right details in the right places. The letter has ten sentences in a row that being with "I". It is, to besure, your purchase, but you can use a bit of variety in describing it. A-/B+"
Now how can I use variety when I want to say I? But what the hell ever.
I got an A on my Music test that I took on Thursday....I don't know if I told you that or not. 92.5 to be exact. Chad got a 77 so I felt good. That's bad I know, but I didn't really study, I just listened in class. Okay well I'm rambling enough so I'm gonna go find something to occupy my time until 11:15. I'm supposed to eat lunch with Rob today. I love you and I'll talk to you later!
Love, Emilie

Dawn said...

I could have told you, after meeting her just once, that Miss Karen is no nurturer. She probably doesn't want to be taken care of when she's ill either. One of those mysteries if life, why people are the way they are. That was awfully sweet of Kate to make sure you had some soup and stuff though. :-) Sorry it spilled. And I'm so very sorry you're still so sick. Poor darlin'.

Grades sound good to me! Even the business writing ones. Hope you're feeling better today, I think I'll try to call you in a few.