Monday, September 15, 2003

"Everybody cries and everybody hurts, sometimes ..."

Monday. I've had better days.

5 AM - Drove Jimmy to the airport in the dark

6 AM - An unexpected hug from Adam ... on his way back to Clemson, he came by to get laundry detergent that was left here on Saturday

7 AM - Slept ... badly

8 AM - Showered, put hair up in velcro curlers

9 AM - Read crappy e-mail from AOL strangers, ate a bowl of apple cinammon oatmeal

10 AM - Showed up at CVS, the pharmacist gave me busy work (practice counting out these pills!), then sent me home to do training CD's on my computer

11 AM - Propped eyes open with toothpicks while watching the training CD about HIPPA

Noon - Ate a ham sandwich while snoozing through another CD on Third Party Billing ... but hey, I'm at home, right?

1 PM - Still with the training

2 PM - Still

3 PM - Headed back to CVS to turn in the CD's, pharmacist told me to come back tomorrow from 3 'til 8

4 PM - Went home and watched a chipmunk scamper into the open garage while I brought the garbage can in from the road ... and no, I never saw him leave

5 PM - Left for Sam's to fill the car with gas, and get some crap at Wal-mart

6 PM - Back home to watch the news and eat a burger ... thought about Brandy in Denver, and Jimmy in Phoenix

7 PM - Watched "Entertainment Tonight" so that I could grin when they talked about poor J-Lo ... wondered how Adam's day at work went

8 PM - Pondered the phone message from Publix down the street, asking me to come in for an interview

9 PM - Talked for a while with Emilie, and felt very proud that she's finding her inner strength and character

10 PM - Missed my kids

10:30 PM - Realized I'm really tired

Thought For Today:
"Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road. Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go." (Green Day)

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