Wednesday, July 30, 2003

"Music makes the people come together ..."

The vet said Hayley the Devil Cat did indeed show small signs of ringworm. But she said the major hair loss on her belly and legs looked more like a flea allergy. I was in the middle of saying, "Oh no, she can't have fleas, she's strictly an indoor cat" when the vet combed through Hayley's fur and produced a FLEA! Geeez. She suggested that eggs may have come home with Em from the rescue kitties, and I guess that could have happened. Anyway, she squirted some "Revolution" on Hayley's neck, gave her a rabies shot and a prescription for some anti-fungal pills. All for under $100. A miracle. And Hayley only snapped at the vet once. Hardly broke the skin at all. LOL

Em and I spent the day on a major bedroom slipper search. Who knew that finding a cute and comfy pair would prove nearly impossible in the middle of summer? At Christmas they're everywhere. We finally found a pair at Marshalls.

Emilie came home and called the kitty rescue guy to tell him that she wouldn't be coming back ... we talked it over and she decided that since she was planning to quit in 2 weeks anyway (to return to school), that staying away from ringworm kitties would be a good idea. Sort of like closing the barn door after the horse runs away, but it makes me feel better to know that she won't be exposed to any more ringworm. (I know it was a hard choice though, and I'm sorry honey. I know you love all those kitties. They really had a lot of care and love from you all summer.)

Cooking dinner feels like punishment after a long day of running around.

Thought For Today:
"Stupid TV. Be more funny." (Homer Simpson)

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Emilie said...

It's okay. I was going to quit with the kitties in two weeks anyway and I'd rather keep my precious kitty Hayley feeling well. Thanks for everything today....I know you don't like running around like that, but I enjoy it. I love you! I'm sure I'll be sleeping for a while today because I stayed up and watched two really good movies. Now I'm more in love with Jake Gyllenhaal though. You should watch both the movies I rented. I'll see you later!