Thursday, July 17, 2003

"No one can stop us now, 'cause we are all made of stars ..."

I wonder how difficult it might prove to get my very own husband on "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy". I'm serious. Those gay guys are MIRACLE WORKERS, I'm telling you. That's a serious new TV addiction for me, by the way. Educational, AND funny. Love it.

Got my hair trimmed and colored today. God, it took forever. My appointment was at 8:30 and I didn't get back home until 12:30. The chairs there make my tailbone hurt too. Ow. Although she did put highlights in for FREE. She said they were a "congratulations" gift for passing the State Board exam last Saturday. Yay me. Her husband works for the hospital system in the Children's Hospital, which is located very near my house. She said she'd ask him if they use CNA's there, and find out who I need to talk to. (My card didn't come yesterday after all.)

Can't get what happened at the Farmer's Market in California out of my mind. All those people dead, and many more injured ... all because an elderly man was driving his car, far past the age when he should have stopped. I'm all in favor of, at a certain age ... say 70 ... requiring yearly driving tests to keep a license. It's a fact that elderly people lose their reflex speed, and dementia sets in at different ages for every person. I remember my Uncle Jack, driving around at age 80 and above ... slow as a damn turtle. Sometimes that's as dangerous as speeding. Anyway, I'm sure it would be a terrible thing to be forced to give up your license before you believe you should have to ... to have to accept that your life is almost over ... but if it could prevent what happened in California, let's do it.

Please go now and read the heartwarming tale of Binge Barbie:


Kay said...

HI its me!
I love reading about your daily comings and goings! cool. (I also love your list. I swear - every time I read one of those, I learn something new about you)
About the driving thing...I agree, but LORD how I dread when mother quits driving.

xoxo Kay

Dawn said...

Aww, Hi back, sister o' mine.
Don't dread non-driving Mother too much. You'll just have to make the weekly stop by Publix for her juice and milk and pimento cheese, and then the monthly prescription drug run. Oh gosh, I guess you'll have to do the library trip every week too. But remember, Beth will have her license by then, and I bet she'd loooove to play taxi driver for Grandma!