Tuesday, July 29, 2003

"I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell ..."

Good Lord. Each day gets crazier and busier ... I'm thinking August will be insane!

I actually was offered a job today. I went for the interview at NHC, and spent about an hour with the DON. She was a "character" ... my nice way of saying that she was a tad irritating. I won't start until August 18, since there won't be time to read a PPD test before the next orientation on August 4. My shift will be 3PM to 11PM, and I'll, of course, be assigned to the unit with the "highest acuity" ... a fancy way of saying there's a bunch of sick folks on that unit. It was also about 10 degrees warmer on that unit than anywhere else in the building. Ahh, I love to sweat. I will have to shop for burgandy scrubs, since that's the official color for CNA's there. Next step will be to set up the drug test and the PPD.

Meanwhile, I'll continue to apply wherever I can. (I applied at five more assisted living places today!) I mean I'm really thankful that I have a job, but it's going to be rough work at NHC. And if I can find something a bit easier between now and the 18th, I'll certainly consider it. I called the DON at The Haven today, and spoke briefly to her voice mail, asking for some follow-up after our interview. No callback yet. I think that's just rude. Especially since she said she'd call yesterday.

Hayley the Devil Cat is going to be mad at me tomorrow morning. We're going to the vet. :-( Emilie was telling us how a few of the cats where she volunteers twice a week have ringworm. We looked at Hayley, and said, "Look at that, Hayley has no hair on her legs." Just great. I haven't taken her to get shots for a couple of years ... I know, bad pet owner. But she never goes outside. I'm sure we'll get all caught up tomorrow though ... ka-ching! And please God, keep the humans in this house ringworm-free.

Adam came today to get his fillings replaced ... said he has to be out of his apartment a day earlier than originally planned. So he'll start moving on Thursday night, and we'll take the washer and dryer down to the new place on Saturday. Wouldn't it be nice if we found a new chair for him between now and then, and were able to take that down too? Maybe I should go out tomorrow and look around for one. As long as wearing pantyhose isn't involved, I should be good to go.

Thought For Today:
"When the going seems easy, you may be going downhill."



Ahh, it seems like you are a bit flustered these days with everything going on. I am really proud of you for carrying this through and getting a job, though it seems like the one you have taken is going to be tough. Maybe you'll find something a bit more appealing. If not, you can do it!!! :)
AJ and I are packing today. We think that maybe we need more boxes. AJ has been packing while I am away at work. It took him about 3 hours to pack 4 boxes. lol.... Am I supposed to be carrying on a conversation here? Hrm, maybe not. I'll just have to email you later.
I just wanted to tell you how happy I am for you that you found a job. Yay!
Love, Brandy


Aww, thank you! I guess I'm happy about it too, although my heart would sing if I got a phone call from one of the other "nicer" places. What will be, will be!

Good luck with the packing, and please call if y'all need help. I mean it.


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