Thursday, July 24, 2003

"What happened to Miss Independent? ..."

My interview hasn't been on my mind very much, at least during awake hours. I have been dreaming of job-related situations all week though. Ugh. I'm sure that by tomorrow, I'll have worked myself back up to the frenzied nervous state I was in just before the State Board exam. I can feel it growing as I type this. I sure will be glad when I grow up.

Adam came to town today to get his teeth cleaned. He'll be back on Tuesday to get 3 old fillings replaced. Nice to know that some of that car-sale-income is going to have a place to go.

Speaking of cars, Emilie's is in the shop today. Hopefully what's being done is under a warranty ... we just paid to have the problem repaired about 2 months ago. I love cars. :-/

This weekend will be an all-girl's weekend around here ... Jimmy is going to visit his mother and grandmother, and Em and I will get to spend some "quality time" together. (I hope!) Maybe get a few movies watched, too.

Am I jumping around between subjects fast enough for you?

Well, I think I'll go start dinner so that I can be finished in the kitchen in time for "The Amazing Race". Can't be late for that! If you think of it, I'd appreciate some positive vibes sent my way for tomorrow afternoon. Who'd believe it? ... my first real job interview since 1977.

Thought For Today:
"Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we might as well dance."

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Emilie said...

That is what you always tell me so I'm telling you the same thing back. Just be yourself and I'm almost positive you'll get the job. You're a great person and anyone would be stupid not to hire you. If I can get hired at a snooty little lingerie store with people that are totally not like me, you can get hired where there's sweet people just like you. :) You'll do fine....I love you!