Wednesday, July 16, 2003

"100 Things"

1. I am the oldest child (of three children).
2. I can find the inherent good in any person.
3. "Edelweiss" is one of my favorite songs.
4. I look like my mother.
5. I think John Travolta is hot.
6. I've seen the movie "Shirley Valentine" about 150 times.
7. Same goes for "Gone With The Wind".
8. I have been pregnant twice.
9. My children are the best things that ever happened to me.
10. Their father was my high school sweetheart.
11. I need to lose a lot of weight.
12. I've been in love with Cher since 1970.
13. I had an online "affair".
14. I have never been in jail.
15. I am a cat person.
16. I have a highly addictive personality.
17. Traditional romantic gestures like flowers, chocolate, etc., make me uneasy.
17. I wish I was a classic beauty.
18. I can't stand being late.
19. My husband is nearly always late.
20. I have never been at fault in a car accident.
21. I fall in love hard and fast.
22. I fall out of love hard and fast.
23. In 5th grade, I was voted "Sweetest".
24. I can't skate.
25. Can't swim either.
26. The only foods I will absolutely not eat under any circumstances are brussel sprouts and English peas.
27. I wish I could be one of those "neat-freaks" one hears about.
28. Grammatical and spelling errors drive me batty.
29. I have very few friends.
30. I have no career aspirations.
31. That doesn't change the fact that I want to be filthy rich.
32. If I had things my way, I would never live anywhere that is too far from the beach.
33. As a child, I loved to play with Barbie dolls.
34. I had a crush on my 8th grade band director.
35. Our father used to call my sister Kay "Grubby".
36. He only called me "Dawn".
37. I don't smoke.
38. I love the smell of cigarettes.
39. I see, feel, hear, smell and taste the world through my emotions.
40. That's not always a good thing.
41. I have a thing for hummingbirds.
42. I believe in Karma.
43. My sister Laura is a lesbian.
44. Sometimes I suspect that she is far happier than I am.
45. I started college, but quit.
46. I have absolutely no confidence in my abilities.
47. My daughter deals with Obessive-Compulsive Disorder every single day of her life.
48. I sometimes have a problem with finishing things.
49. I will do just about anything for love.
50. I used to drink too much.
51. I love Florida.
52. I am a night owl.
52. I believe in ghosts.
53. I drive a 1995 Toyota.
54. I wish I had curly hair.
55. I got married on New Year's Eve.
56. I am 5'10" tall.
57. I used to be 5'11".
58. I am going gray. (under the hair color my hairdresser uses on me)
59. I used to live in Georgia.
60. When we were kids, my sister Kay and I fought like demons.
61. She's one of my best friends now.
62. I love seafood.
63. Not fish, seafood.
64. My favorite book is "Beauty" by Susan Wilson.
65. My favorite author is Elizabeth Berg.
66. I have a serious face, that defaults to a pissed-off look when I'm relaxed. People think I'm angry when actually I'm wondering if there's any ice cream.
67. My husband is 4 months older than me.
68. I'm a huge fan of Clemson University football.
69. I like to pretend I have life all figured out.
70. I don't.
71. My father died 5 days after my 35th birthday.
72. I love margaritas.
73. My gallbladder was removed when I was 40.
74. I don't behave very well when I feel stressed.
75. I love freshly laundered sheets.
76. I have rosacea.
77. I wish I had a gift for gardening.
78. I could eat a piece of divinity every day for the rest of my life.
79. Did I mention I have a monster sweet tooth?
80. I have had more breast biopsies than I can count.
81. My shoe size is eleven.
82. Bigger is not always better.
83. When Josh Groban sings, I cry.
84. I am so very proud of my children.
85. My favorite time of year is Autumn.
86. It wouldn't bother me if it rained a little every day.
87. I don't think I've been a very good wife.
88. I love to go out to eat.
89. I've cooked almost every dinner I've eaten since 1979.
90. Once I grew the prettiest roses you ever saw.
91. My eyesight is aging faster than the rest of me.
92. I had acrylic nails once.
93. Now my nails couldn't be much shorter.
94. The first wood fire of the season feels like a party to me.
95. I like hanging clothes out on a clothesline.
96. I neglected my children for 4 years while I was addicted to AOL.
97. That's the one thing I'm most ashamed of.
98. Life is better without addictions.
99. I love weekends.
100. I am NOT photogenic.

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