Wednesday, July 23, 2003

"Am I rightside up or upside down? Is this real or am I dreaming? ..."

If I could fit into Victoria's Secret lingerie, I would be boycotting the hell out of them. Victoria left a whole bunch o' twits minding the store, it seems. Emilie was hired to work there back in May, and was scheduled to work ... hmm, I'd say about 40 hours total over the course of May, June and July. And that's being generous. She came to the wise decision to "resign" this week, after the third week of NO HOURS. Grrr. Here's a brief recap of that scene for you:

*Ring* *Ring*
VS Twit: "Victoria's Secret, may I help you?"
Emilie: "Hi, this is Emilie. I wanted to call and let you know that I need to quit working there. I've had basically no hours all summer."
VS Twit: "But you're on the schedule for FORTY hours next week!"
Emilie: "What the hell?"

Stupid lingerie-sniffin' twits.

And the killer part of this little tale is ... tonight while I was cooking dinner, Emilie received a voice mail message from some nice guy at Pacific Sunwear, asking her to come in for an interview. She applied there back in May, and wanted to work there SO badly. Grrr some more.

Shopped some today ... picked up this and that ... basically a whole bunch of nuthin. Also took another basket of clothes out to the consignment store. I can't believe there's only a matter of about three weeks before Em will be moving out of here again. Seems like she just got here!

Headachey, tired, grumpy ... I should just be vewwy vewwy quiet now.

P.S. Kay, the laptop is blue. :-)

Thought For Today:
"Great balls o' fire ... it's Rhett." (Scarlett)

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