Monday, February 27, 2006

"You are the only one that needs to know ..."

Monday, Monday.

The doctor got in early today to see Grandma F. I got a call a bit past 9 AM, asking which hospital we preferred. Wha?

After some conferring between the brothers and the nursing home, it was decided she'd receive her treatment right there where she is. I got there around 11:45 this morning, and she was already hooked up to an IV, and on oxygen. The most popular theory is that she's aspirating again. The speech therapist will be evaluating her later today. There's still the chance it could be something else, I guess.

When I walked in, she smiled and said, with no small amount of victory in her voice, "They can't take me out of here today!" ... holding up her hand with the IV.

Grandma F: 1
Therapy: 0

She had little to no appetite for her lunch: ground-up fried chicken, rice & gravy, green beans, and roll. She did get rid of both her water and milk though.

As soon as lunch was taken away, she slept. I hung around until around 3 PM, then told her I'd be back later in the day, around suppertime ... and came home for a bit.

I knew she was not well over the weekend, but to see the oxygen going again, and hear that cough ... it's hard not to feel sad. Lisa, the nurse, said the doctor wanted her to have 4 bags of the IV solution, and he will see her again on Thursday.

Oh ... and they came and did a chest x-ray right after lunch. I'm sure we'll get a phone call after it's read.


In other news: Tomorrow just might be the start of something big for me. Stay tuned.

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