Wednesday, February 22, 2006

"Don't explain yourself 'cause talk is cheap ..."

Still have gray roots here today .... "Marge" called this morning to reschedule my hair stuff for tomorrow instead. What's another day when the roots are an inch long?


Proof that I am easily influenced ... especially by my kiddos .... I'm watching CNBC coverage of US vs. Canada men's curling competition. And enjoying it. Canada leads by two points. Part of me still thinks it looks like a sport for janitors. You know, with all the sweeping.


Grandma F was sitting in her wheelchair, halfway into the bathroom. I came in and said, "Hey! What are you up to?" She answered, "I'm going in here to the bathroom." "Well," I said, "Don't you want to turn the light on?"

She answered, sort of grumpy-like, "Well I can't see. So I don't need the light!" Then I said, "Grandma, you'll need the light ... when the door is closed, it'll be pitch black in there!"

Then she turned around, smiling and says, "Oh! It's you! I thought they were coming to kidnap me. I don't really need to go to the bathroom. I was just heading in there to hide."

Yes folks, she hates therapy THAT much.

Her roommate has come down with pnuemonia, is on oxygen, and sleeping a lot.

Grandma will not consider leaving her room, even to take a "walk" with me pushing her wheelchair. She's too afraid she won't get to come back exactly when she wants to. She also won't agree to another hair-washing appointment, for the same reason. I guess I'll go over on Friday afternoon, when the hairdresser is there, and see if she can take Grandma to the salon while I'm there. That's the only way she'd agree to getting her hair washed ... during shower time is out of the question.

We talked again about why she's here, and not in Georgia. I'm trying to be so gentle and calm with her when we talk about it ... mostly just listening to her. Seems to upset her less that way.

I watched a PBS show called Almost Home last night. It highlighted a nursing home community whose administrator, John George, is trying to change the way the institutionalized elderly live. From the website: "His goal is to transform the way people see nursing homes—not as institutions of boredom and despair but as vibrant communities where residents live rich and fulfilling lives." I was mesmerized. I love the way this man thinks. He says, "The baby boomers need to really start to think about if they themselves never want to be in an institution the way it looks today, then what can they do to change it?"

Amen, brother.

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