Tuesday, February 14, 2006

"If there were no words, no way to speak, I would still hear you ..."

Be my Valentine, dammit!


It's taken me several years to come to the following certainty: I hate February. It drags on and on and ON. The holidays are over, so the cold weather feels depressing. The neighborhood association dues must be paid before the end of the month. There's a forced "Be Romantic" day. The jonquils poke green shoots out of the ground, and then it snows on them. The car insurance is due. And this year, there's the Winter Olympics, too. Ugh.


I took some flowers over to Dogwood Acres today ... a pink hyacinth for the nurse's desk, and a red rose in a vase being hugged by a stuffed pink poodle for Grandma F. She smiled. :-)

She was kidnapped today and forced to attend a Valentine's Party, where she received a handmade card and a little stuffed bear. Torture!!!


Mark my words ... tomorrow is the 15th of February, right? It will be SIX WEEKS before it's March 1st. Stupid dragging February.


Anonymous said...

Valentine's Day...Bah Humbug!
What can be worse than a single woman in an office full of un-single women on Valentine's Day? I'll tell you..NOTHING!

Over for another year.
xoxo Kay

Dawn said...

Awww. Sorry you had a bad VD, Kaydee.