Thursday, February 09, 2006

"Get down girl, go 'head, get down ..."

The Grammy Awards were on last night. And in our house, they were on in HDTV, baby. Oh yeah. Don't know if it was the crystal clear picture, or the Dolby Digital sound that did it, but Jimmy watched the whole thing with me! (He's no fun though ... every time I tried to snark, he shushed me so he could "read the bottom of the screen" ... where they were listing all the awards given off the air.)

So I came here to snark. Here's my list:

* Madonna. Oh Madge, you know I adore you. But please honey, put on some pants. Her eyes looked scary ... several times I thought of Bette Davis' Baby Jane when there would be a closeup of Madonna's face. Aging sucks. But she still has my TOTAL attention when she's on my TV screen.

* Keith Urban is just a big ole platter of yummified hotness.

* There is nothing more adorable than Kelly Clarkson. She's unpretentious, she's real, and she can sing. I loved her even more when I saw her take her purse onstage to accept her Grammys.

* Who is John Legend?

* Green Day, Record Of The Year, Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, Yes.

* Sheryl Crow's chest is painfully bony.

* Ellen, introducing Paul McCartney: "This man needs no introduction." Then she left the stage. Perfect!

* When the Linkin Park guy started singing "Yesterday", I wondered if he got all nervous singing that when Paul was in the building. Then Paul walked onstage to sing it with him. I'm all about the Paul Love.

* Springsteen ... wonderful performance. Only when the camera was on his right, the way the lighting was ... well, he looked just like Bob Dylan. Not good.

* Speaking of Paul McCartney ... and why not? To this old lady, one of the highlights of the show was Paul rocking to Helter Skelter. Excellent.

* The Sly and The Family Stone tribute was a steamy mess. Sly needed a wheelchair with a neck support. His mohawk was too heavy. He tried to sing and take part in his tribute ... but eventually you could tell he was just muttering "wtf" while he shuffled offstage before the song was even over. Too funny.

* U2, the big weiners of the night. Eh.

* Kanye West. I waited all night to see the performance of Gold Digger ... love that song. I knew it would involve watching Kanye, since it's his song ... and I was willing to put up with that. I thought I was, anyway. I should have known that his GIANT EGO would ruin it for me. What an ass. I discovered that I enjoy the song on the radio ONLY. That way I don't have to see his smug "Don't I look like Jesus?" face.


I bet Jimmy is yawning at work today.


I haven't updated since Grandma F's Monday appointment at the Cancer Center. Getting her there was the biggest hurdle. When we arrived at Dogwood Acres, I could hear Grandma in her room, almost screaming "Help me, help me!!" I went in to find the poor CNA trying her best to gently get Grandma dressed and ready for her appointment. Grandma's hands were clamped around the siderails of her bed so tightly, neither one of us could get her to let go. When she saw it was me, she started crying and telling me that the CNA was trying to kidnap her. It took lots of calm talking to get her to settle down. *sigh*

The actual appointment ended up taking the entire afternoon. They drew a lot of blood, and after the doctor took an initial look at it, we were told that she's got Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. And probably has had it for a while. There won't be any treatment ... the doctor said that, even in a younger patient, there is often no treatment given for this particular cancer. He wants to see her again at the end of next week ... I need to call and find out if she really needs to be there, or if the appointment is to hear the final results of all the blood tests. Because if she really doesn't need to be there, I'm all for leaving her where she's happiest ... her bed!

When I went in yesterday, I was stopped by both a CNA and her afternoon nurse ... both wanting to tell me about her latest ornery behaviour. I told Grandma that everyone there is beginning to think she is a crabby old lady. Maybe that will snap her back into a cooperative frame of mind. I think she cares what others think and say about her.

A few days ago, one of the aides told me what they really are saying about her ... "Awww no, I've got Mrs. F again today! I just had her two days ago!" :-( Not good.


Hypochondriac Update: I've got a head cold.


Brandy said...

I've only been to a nursing home two times in my life. The first time was when I went and saw my great-grandmother, Ollie, but that was a long time ago. Seeing her in that type of place made me so sad I said that I would never go back to a nursing home (selfish, I know). The second time I went because I had to play in a flute choir which was meant to cheer all the old folks up. I would say about half of the people were disgruntled or screaming the majority of the time we were playing - mostly because their hearing aids were turned up too loud. So I guess what my point is, is that you shouldn't feel like Grandma F is the only trouble maker there. It seems like any sane person would go crazy just having to live there. And now we find out that the poor woman had cancer. Jesu Cristo! I wish she could live out the rest of her days in peace and without pain but I guess there is no way for her to do that. I applaud your efforts at doing your best to make it as peaceful as humanly possible for someone in her condition. You truly are one of the best caregivers I have ever known. When Grandma goes to heaven, I'm sure she'll put a good word in for you for everything that you have done for her.


Dawn said...

You are the best daughter-in-law ever. Thank you for the Internet Hug (that's what your words feel like to me right now.)
I love you.