Tuesday, February 21, 2006

"Everybody wake up, if you're living with your eyes closed ..."

Slow-motion weekend here at the castle ...

We had dinner with Emilie on Friday, and dinner with Adam and Brandy on Saturday. Nice, both times. Even got a mini curling primer from Adam. He's right, it's fun to watch. We watched a DVD of the 2000 Clemson marching band ... with both Brandy and Adam in it, only before they met.

Me: "This is so cool ... we were all there, and had no idea we were videotaping our son's wife and the mother of our grandchildren!"

Brandy: "FUTURE grandchildren!!! Sheesh!!"


Did I mention that Brandy prepared for us some mighty tasty Cosmopolitans? Yum.

Sunday was crappier than crappy, which will happen when two old crappy people try to share the same space. I tried to watch "In Her Shoes", and fell asleep before it was over.


Seems like I come late to the party every time, but Adam and Brandy brought the first season of "Lost" on DVD over here last night, so I could become addicted. One episode in, I like it. Maybe I'll be caught up by the time the 3rd season begins. If they release Season 2 in a timely manner, that is.


Haircut and color for me tomorrow morning. And not a moment too soon. Actually, several moments late.


On Friday, I got into a tiny altercation with a Yuppie Passive-Aggressive Asshole in the middle of the Sam's Club book aisle. I don't know what threw me more ... the fact that this guy confronted me, or the fact that my own husband stood back and didn't say anything. I don't know what I expected, but I was disappointed to feel alone there when he was standing nearby.

On the extremely-off chance that the Yuppie Passive-Aggressive Asshole is reading this:

Dear YPAA:
You saw me waiting to pass by. Your cart was blocking the aisle. It seems like it might have been simpler to stop your all-important cell phone conversation and move your cart to the side, than to grumble loudly into the phone that some bitch had just tapped your cart with hers trying to get past you. The fact that you decided, at THAT time, to pause your phone conversation to announce to me that I might have said "Excuse me" to you ... well, that's when you started sounding like Whiny McTinyDick to me. Everything you said after that was impossible to understand ... you were speaking Jerkwad, and I only speak English. Sorry.
I hope you had a nice afternoon after proving what a big boy you are.

At least it disproved my growing theory that the fatter I get, the more invisible I become. That particular asshole saw me. Heh.


What's for dinner? What do I look like, a housewife???


Brandy said...

That really burns me up Dawn. Good thing you aren't a redneck like me because I would have kicked his ass. That is how us rednecks say it "kick his ass". Lol. Actuall, since I've met AJ, my redneckish events are less frequent than they used to be. It seems as though it embarrasses him when I get all country when rude people piss me off. I don't know why? :) So anyway, I'm proud of you for holding your tongue and letting him be the one who is the jackass. People like that always have it coming back to them 10 fold. At least I hope it does. Hope you are having a terrific day.


Dawn said...

Did I say I held my tongue? ;-)

I really didn't say much, after trying to point out to him that all he needed to do was move his cart slightly. That's when he started sounding like a real ass, so at that point I walked the other direction ... muttering Tony Soprano phrases under my breath.