Monday, February 06, 2006

"Could I have been anyone other than me? ..."

We went on Friday to pick up our shiny new High Definition TV Digital Cable Box. Oh, the excitement. We get five, count 'em, five channels in HDTV.

And no, ABC (Super Bowl broadcaster) isn't one of them.


Adam and Brandy came and watched the game with us. We ate healthy Weight Watcher's Super Bowl food ... raw veggies, fresh fruit, grilled chicken, baked potatoes ... yay, us. It was hard to get all worked up over a football game with teams we didn't really care about. We decided to cheer for Seattle, since one of their starters was a former Clemson player. Oh well.

And the half-time show was the suck. I never was a fan of the Stones, even when they were alive. I agree with a fellow blogger, who said this morning, "How about letting the drum corps world champs do the half-time show?" Now THAT would have been a half-time show. Stupid Super Bowl planners.

Favorite Super Bowl commercial: "Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" preview. (one word: JohnnyDepp)


My future today holds a trip to the hematologist with Grandma F. This should be fun. She was an ornery thang this weekend, refusing meds and tests willynilly. We decided that, should she refuse to go today, that we will not get upset about it. The decision is hers, and if she makes a bad one, and no amount of upset on our part can change things ... then why go through the upset? I wonder though ... when does she go from being seen as a competent adult who can make her own choices to a woman suffering from dementia who can no longer make rational choices for herself?

Because, in our minds, she's already there.


My hands look like I danced with Edward Scissorhands (one word: JohnnyDepp) last night. It's like I forgot how to use a knife. I even impaled my hand on a steak knife while loading the dishwasher.


I watched "Titanic" for the 47th time on Saturday night ... and cried like a baby. Again.


Woke up with a sore throat today ... I'm comforted by the fact that I've felt that "coming down with something" thing for days now, and the sore throat means I'm not a total hypochondriac.

We can stop with the sore throat though. Thanks.


Brandy said...

Two comments -
Why in the devil didn't you wake me up to watch that Pirates preview? I guess I'll just have to download it to my computer and watch it. But I could have watched it in hi-def last night. Oh wait, no I couldn't have. Nevermind.

Also, as far as this sick thing goes. You have been known to say that you actually like being sick. So maybe that has something to do with you being sick. So I'm not sure whether to tell you that "I hope you feel better" or "Good for you." :)

Thanks again for the dinner last night. I agree, the Stones did suck. I miss Justin and Janet.


Anonymous said...

You know me...a die hard Stones fan...I LOVED the half time show. But then again, I rooted for the Steelers, too. Sorry.
Speaking of the Stones - your nephew and his girlfriend have tickets to see them in Hotlanta tomorrow night. Exciting huh? I know I'm jealous :(
Get to feeling better. Sore throats suck!
xoxo Kay

Dawn said...

Brandy ... If I had taken the time to wake you for the Johnhy Depp siting, I would have missed it myself. I know, I'm selfish. Forgive me?
I'm trying to remember saying I like being sick ... was I drinking when I said that? Haha!
Have fun while you're in the BA (Big Apple) ... I watched Evita last weekend, can you tell?

Kay ... I am saving your comment in case I ever have to prove in court that we are not the same person. Yikes ... the Stones are on life support! That was the worst halftime show evah.

Love to both of you. :-)