Thursday, October 30, 2003

"Someday I'll fly, someday I'll soar ..."

The pumpkin seeds are roasting as I type this. Only I think I may have had the oven temp too high, because as I gave them a stir they seemed a bit blackened already. Whatevah.

I carved a very very cool jack-o-lantern this afternoon ... he looks like a skeleton face. I also hung a ghost from the tree by my front door, and threw some very old spider webs(found in my old box o' Halloween stuff) all around the front door. BOO!

Last weekend I caught the newest "Halloween" movie ... "H20" ... with Josh Hartnett playing Laurie Strode's son. Loved it. Loved the first "Halloween" movie even more. To me, that Michael Myers music is even creepier than "Tubular Bells". Skeeery!


Brandy is coming to watch Survivor with me tonight, and since she's had a bad cold thing going all week, I decided to make a pot of chicken noodle goodness for her. I'll begin the chopping very soon.

Jimmy is also coming in tonight ... earlier than usual. I'm going to set the VCR just in case the ride from the airport interrupts my Rupert Time.

I've had a super nice day off from work ... made even nicer by the manager's phone call telling me to come in at noon tomorrow, instead of the ungodly 7 AM. Whoo hoo! Apparently there was a delay in the "deadly fumes" in the store today, so we get to start later tomorrow. Oh yeah.


Time to chop the veggies. Carry on.


Outside My House:
High: 71
Low: 40
(That is NOT Halloween weather.)


Thought For Today:
Laurie Strode: "Was that the boogyman?"
Dr. Loomis: "As a matter of fact... it was!"


Emilie said...

Just thought you should know that H2O is not the newest Halloween movie! It's the next to newest. The newest would be Halloween Resurrection....that came out a little over a year ago I think. Scary stuff. Okay I'll talk to you later! I love you!
Love, Emilie

Dawn said...

Ohh! Thanks ... I'll be looking for this one to rent!

Love you too!