Monday, October 13, 2003

"Is there anyone out there?..."

Yikes, it's early. I just drove Jimmy to the airport for his Monday morning flight west. He won't be back home until Halloween. Neither of us slept well last night. I watched an old Dracula movie last night, and turned the TV off a little past 11 PM ...finally fell asleep around 1:30 AM. I woke around 3 AM, then heard his alarm at 4:30. Been awake since then. He said he kept waking, worried that he'd sleep through the alarm and miss his flight. Ugh.


The weekend flew by, but was fun.

Saturday, we went down to Clemson early. The rain was coming down, as it usually is on tailgating days. Kickoff was at noon, and by that time, the rain was gone. The clouds hung around, and the breezes were cool, but after all was said and done, the day was a good one for football. Clemson won in overtime against 25th-ranked Virginia! The final score was 30-27 ... whoo hoo!

Sunday was spent doing laundry (me) and mowing grass (him). I made some pumpkin muffins that I forgot to make for tailgating. Yeah, that day was pretty boring.


This morning I will be at my new job at 8 AM. I haven't talked this one to death, because frankly I'm tired of all my job drama. I decided to quit CVS and go with this one because it feels more in line with my personalty, and it's going to allow me to feel like I'm "making a difference" in someone's life. Also it pays a few nickles more than CVS did.

Anyway, I'm employed by a company that contracts with mostly elderly people who need in-home, non-medical care. The clients I will be working with are a married couple who need help with meal preparation and getting dressed. They want someone 5 mornings a week ... so I'll be there every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Of course, today I'm nervous. Hopefully they will be kind and adorable, and happy to have me in their home. *sigh*


I won't comment too much on last week's "Survivor", since Brandy hasn't seen it yet ... but damn, I'm starting to believe Rupert could be a tribe all by himself! And he'd STILL win all the challenges.


I just saw a news snippet on a new drug used in the treatment of OCD. The brand name was Topamax, I think. This afternoon, I'll be looking for more info on that.


Better go put my face on so I can be out the door in an hour. Hope all of you have a really good Monday.

Thought For Today:
"Never miss a good chance to shut up."

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