Monday, October 06, 2003

"Could you look me in the eye and tell me that you're happy now? ..."

Aww. Green Day is singing "Good Riddance" on my TV right now, and guess who I'm thinking of? ((((((Emilie)))))) <-- That was a big ole hug from your Mama. I hope it makes you happy to know that, for time and forever, when I hear a Green Day song I will think of my lovely daughter. :-)

In other music news, I'm so glad to see REM again. Michael Stipe is cooler than most.

Also, I want Justin Timberlake for Christmas.


The Weekend Report:

Adam and Brandy came over to watch the Clemson-Maryland game with me. Maryland won, 21 to 7. And I learned about some freaky college football rule where if the player gets run out of bounds, he can actually run back in to catch the ball and make a touchdown. Sounds fishy to me, does it to you?

After that, we ate some brats I bought at Sam's Club. Won't be doing that again, since these brats shrunk to half their original size during the cooking process. Brandy had lots to do in preparation for her trip to Arizona this week, so they left after our meal.

I was looking forward to the season premier of "Saturday Night Live" because, well ... I have no life, and I love SNL like that. Jack Black was the host, and JOHN MAYER (who whom I adore) was going to sing twice. I got my pj's on, and settled back into my pillows and featherbed to enjoy the festivities. When Jack introduced John, I heard the opening chords to "Bigger Than My Body" (my new favorite song) ... and I passed out. I'm not kidding you, I was snoring before John the cutie even sang the first chorus. I think we'll file that under "How To Determine If You're Elderly". Maybe I can catch it during the reruns. :-(

Next Saturday, I will be napping ALL day if I have to ... Justin Timberlake is host AND musical guest. What a guy. Oh wait, I can't be napping all day next Saturday. We're making plans to tailgate at the Clemson game next week. Oh well, I'll set the damn VCR if I have to. Aging bites, in case you were wondering.

Sunday was quiet. I bought the paper and read every word. I watched "About Schmidt" with Jack Nicholson. Liked it pretty much, even though it made me even more depressed about aging.


Cloudy skies all day today ... I can't believe it's the 2nd week of October. I saw several houses already decorated for Halloween. I love Halloween, and I've bought a new cd to play out an upstairs window this year ... all spooky sounds like chains rattling and scary moans, knives being sharpened and spooky footsteps. Bwa-hahahaha!

After saying that I love it, I have to admit I have a few negative feelings about this controversial holiday. It's unsafe for little ones to be running around in a cumbersome flammable costume, with both hands busy with flashlight, Reese's Pieces, and plastic bucket. There are freaks out there! People can't drive! AAY-EEEEE! Children who appear to be 15 years old come to my door with dingy pillowcases held out and demand candy in voices that changed years ago. I swear to God this is true ... a few years back, I opened the door to a couple of teenage boys, and one of them opened his long coat to show me his stuff. Yeah, THAT stuff. Like I hadn't seen anything like that before. Kids today. Hell, I ought to just hand out cigarettes.

But every year, at least one teeny tiny little girl comes to the door dressed as a fairy princess and I about burst into tears. Yeah, I love Halloween.

Every October, I always wish we lived in a house that was scary looking. I'd love to live in a big Victorian for Halloween, with cobwebs draped on all the trees and shrubs. I'd also love to live in a day and age that I could give out real food, like cupcakes and caramel apples and popcorn balls. The paranoia of today ruins every bit of my fun. Sigh.


Thought For Today:
"The mind is like a parachute; it works much better when it's open."


Beth said...

I read this about about DIED! Saturday night, mom and I were on the couch watching SNL also. We were talking and laughing at Jack Black, and then they intoduce John Mayer (whom I ADORE TOO!) and I'm getting all excited, saying, "Mom, watch this!! He's singing his new song!" And she's goin, "Okay, Beth.." So we're listening and I'm singing, and I look over, and she's snoring. I just thought that was funny that yall both fell asleep at the same time to the same thing. But, I'm sure you didn't fall asleep sitting straight up like mom! lol Alrighty, just wanted to tell you that story. I love you!
your lovely neice,
Beth :)
ps. And you're NOT "elderly" *eyeroll*

Dawn said...


I take some comfort in the fact that (so far!) I don't fall asleep sitting straight up! In fact, I'm fairly certain that, had I stayed in the living room to watch SNL, I would have seen the whole show through sleepy eyes. My big mistake was getting into bed to watch it.

Thanks for the smiles tonight ... I love ya!

Kay said...

ok I fall asleep sitting up!
So what....that makes ME the "elderly" one?

Dawn said...


Well, I guess the answer is: If the SAS shoes fit, well ... you know the rest.

You know we all love it when you fall asleep sitting straight up, Sister. Those are the funniest pictures in our photo albums!

Wait, there's one exception ... Mother HATES it when you fall asleep while you're driving. Heh.

Love ya