Wednesday, March 14, 2007

"You pay for what you get ..."

Happy Hump Day.

No real news or topics of discussion, therefore if you're so inclined, you're free to move along. I won't be hurt.

I shopped a little yesterday, trying to find something "cute" to wear for my upcoming birthday weekend in Myrtle Beach with the girls. After so many decades of buying clothes in basically TWO stores (Catherines or Avenue ... Lane Bryant before Avenue was born), and buying what fit, rather than having a "style" and buying what I loved, well ... I'm struggling. I ended up at Old Navy yesterday, and bought a couple of inexpensive warm weather tops. And they feel a little "young" for me. I know that's not true and doesn't really matter ... but I just have NO IDEA how I want to dress anymore!!! Arrrghhh.

The weather yesterday was ideal here in Greenville, South Cackilacky. Around 78 degrees, no humidity, nice sunshine. Today will be near the same, only with more clouds. After spending the entire winter huddled in front of a space heater, it feels excellent.

I'm attempting to work a little more here and there, as I find spare half-hour spots. My last paycheck was $16.28. Try to contain your envy. That's what not working on a weekend (the Columbus trip) will do for me. I'm probably going to have another pitiful paycheck though, since I'm 80% sure I'm headed back to GA this weekend to spend the night at Sister Laura's house, and then the next weekend, I'll be acting the fool in Myrtle Beach with crazy women. (The talk now is who is getting what tattoo while we're there. I hope I don't come home with a "tramp stamp" above my saggy ass. Jimmy would totally disown me, and he's barely tolerating me now. I really am thinking of getting a henna tattoo though ... maybe not tell him it's not permanent, just to see how much disapproval he can project though his eyes, since he's basically given up talking to me. I know, I know ... I'm evil and I'm going to hell. By they way, is there a grammar rule on how long you can keep writing inside parentheses?)

The painter is enjoying a hiatus. He told me that the 1st bathroom would be started Monday night. But I heard, through Emilie, that he was easily talked into more time off after learning she'd be gone all next week. It's her bathroom, so I guess it will be easier to do what he wants to do (remove the toilet, mirror, and eventually change the light fixture and faucet) without her needing to use the room. I do have many doubts that he will even be close to finishing in one week's time though. And I really AM being patient with this process, y'all. I'm not bitching. Remember, he CHOSE to do the work. But damn. It's going on 5 months now. (She said, with teeth clenched.)

Complain, complain, bitch, whine, complain. That's about it!

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