Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"If you give, you begin to live ..."

Welcome, Spring. At 8:07 PM this evening, Spring will officially be here ... which explains the expected high of 56 degrees on Wednesday. I will not complain though, since the forecast for my weekend at the beach is predicting sunny skies, with temps in the low 80's. Whooooo!


Enjoyed a very quick trip down to LaGrange to visit with Laura and Melody on Saturday night. It was a houseful, considering they have 3 big dogs and 2 cats. Adding me was bordering on overcrowding ... but they were gracious hosts. We yakked the day and night away.

I noticed an alarming (coincidence?) trend on this drive down Interstate 85, as well as the trip we made to Columbus two weeks ago. Drivers are INSANE. While speeding along at 90 mph, some people think nothing of attempting to change lanes without really looking to see if my ancient Toyota was there first. My horn sounded far too friendly, even when I was laying on the damn thing. I wish I had a dime for every time I said "motherf*cker!" on my trip this weekend. This is a sign of age, right? ... the old lady complaining is really picking up lately.


Em is enjoying her time in Ohio with Jud's family. It's cold there, so I imagine their trip to Charleston on Thursday will be a warm treat for her.

Adam got to come home on Friday! They invited me to dinner on Sunday, after I returned from GA ... Adam made his special spaghetti sauce (YUM) and Brandy made a killer salad (YUM again). I tried my hand at the new Wii. And basically just loved seeing their faces for a little while. Tomorrow I'll drive Adam to the airport for his flight back to the North Country, where he'll stay for another 10 days. I know it's getting old for him, but he's being a good sport. (Being paid to do it also helps with the attitude, I'm sure.)


Hey, I got my driver's license renewed yesterday. For the first time in 20 years or so, my weight is not a lie. Well, that's a lie. I actually gave them my goal weight, which is 17 pounds under what I weight right now. (Just in case I actually ever get there, ya know.) I'd say that's a major improvement over the HUNDRED pounds I was lying about on the last one.

I was unable to read the eye chart without my glasses. The woman kept telling me to try again, without the glasses, but my eyes just wouldn't cooperate. Now I have the little "A" on my license that means I can't drive without my "corrective lenses".


Woke at 4:30 AM today, unable to drift back to where I wanted to be. Maybe this means today will be totally productive. I plan to walk on the treadmill, do lots of laundry, show up on time for a nail appointment, and buy a damn bra that fits.


Dad said...

I agree completely, it is a very very alarming trend, the driving techniques used at the speeds commonly done on the roadways. It is in fact no coincidence, more drivers are trying to run over you!

Being the fatherly type (full of advice, old man, curmudgeon, etc… ), I could not help but offer some comments. It might one day be useful to the few that are reading this. Although I am fully aware, these comments will most probably be completely ignored, hopefully at least some attention might be made if only because they are shocked to see a comment by me on this blog.

Driving around is by far (by any measurement), the most dangerous thing we do in our daily lives. For safety, I would, no doubt, much rather fly!

I think most do not know how to adjust their mirrors correctly to eliminate the blind spots. Then they don't check the mirrors very often. See the following very good descriptions of how it should be done.
My favorite car guys describe the proper mirror adjustment:

Another pretty good discussion on proper mirror usage:
Although the topic begins on defensive driving, then recommends mirror accessories, it does give some very good tips on adjusting and using the rearview mirrors for more effective defensive driving.

A quick summary for adjusting your rear view mirrors, lifted from Car Talk's Tom Magliozzi:
Start by setting your rearview mirror as you normally would. Then, lean your head all the way to the left, so it touches the driver's window. From that position, set your left side-view mirror so you can see the back corner of your car. Then lean your head the same distance the other way, and set your right side-view mirror the same way.

Brandy said...

I am shocked. Shocked, I tell ya! I know this is probably a bad habit, but I really hardly ever use my side mirrors. If I am changing lanes, I will give a quick glance over my shoulder and see with my own two eyes whether or not there is a car there. I was just taught to never trust my mirrors so I don't. I'll probably end up breaking my next or running in to the car in front of me as a result of doing that, but I haven't had any problems so far - and I drive A LOT! I may try your suggestion, but I don't think I'll ever completely trust my mirrors.

Anonymous said...

Curmudgeon? Hmmm...yes I'm shocked and his "entries" never cease to amaze me. Does he actually think like that??
I love you Jimmy (said while smiling).
ps. I use my mirrors correctly! Raised by a truck drivin daddy, I suppose.