Tuesday, March 27, 2007

"I will survive (hey hey) ..."

But it may take awhile.

I'm back from my fun in the sun. And I'm a year older. Whoo hooo!

Actually, that may have been my favorite birthday ever. I was near the ocean, I got to lay in the (low humidity) sunshine for a little bit, I got my picture taken with Don Vito of MTV's "Jackass" and "Viva La Bam" in Hooters (this old lady had no idea who he was until they told me) ...

... and I spent the evening in a nightclub with a Birthday Shot Glass hanging around my neck on hot pink beads ... and I danced the night away. Whoo hoo is RIGHT.

The trip was just about perfect. We didn't stay long enough to get on each other's nerves (OK, some of my nerves were "got on" at times ... but I'm a bitch), there was always somebody to hang out with and talk to, and the weather was absolutely perfect for being outside. We ate at Hard Rock Cafe the first night, and at Dick's Last Resort on my birthday. (My condom hat said, "Telemarketer Dick's Phone Sex Specialist" ... hee!) What a great group of women!

But now it's back to the real world. The house is buried in cat hair fluffballs, floating around like tumbleweeds. And there's grocery shopping to be done. (sigh)

(I'm shocked to learn that Anna Nicole died because she had massive amounts of DRUGS in her system. So shocked.)

Before I go, I'll share with you my incredible Birthday Bling, provided by my sweet friend, Kathy ...

Dawn's 48, and doesn't look a day over 47.

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Amy said...

Wow..... check you out!!!!! Dawn you are HOT!!!!