Thursday, March 29, 2007

"I find myself choking on all my contradictions ..."

Whoooooo! Cute boys with "fauxhawks" RULE.

Talent?? Thhbbbbtt ... who cares?!!?

OK, let me just get this out of my system and we'll move on. I know ... Chris Sligh messed up. He has no rhythm. He sang ahead of the beat and moved his body behind the beat, which really made me quite dizzy. And since Simon spanked him the first time, he's been like a scolded little boy ... afraid to let his personality really shine. And what I thought in the beginning was a killer sense of humor was starting to look more and more like an unearned air of self-importance and superiority. So, maybe it was time to end the torture and vote him off. His face had the look of someone totally expecting what was ahead, and when we overheard him say to one of the others, "You owe me 50 bucks" ... well, that leads me to believe he knew last night was his night. Buhbye.

And now Sanjaya seems to be embracing the fact that most people think he's a joke. But it pisses me off because he knows his performance can totally suck, and he'll still stick around for the next week's show.

OH! And while I'm complaining, let me add this: I'm jumping off the Lakisha train. She bores me ... her facial expression never changes.

New favorites: Jordin, Blake, and (maybe) Melinda. Melinda's a fantastic singer, but I'm dying to hear her sing something more contemporary. (Like from the early 90's!!!) And her surprised look of "ME?? " when the audience cheers for her is getting old.

I told you I was a cranky old bitch.


Let's see ... what else.


Nope ... nothing.

Have a good Thursday.

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