Thursday, August 21, 2003

"I'm not sure where I belong ..."

Got my 2 week schedule yesterday, and I work for the next 4 days. The scheduler told us she tries hard to never give us more than 4 days in a row. So I guess that's good. Another good thing ... (I hope) ... I got switched to another unit. I asked for it, and I think that smelly LPN got perturbed that I did ... there was an opening on the "self-pay" unit, and one of the other black girls in orientation said, "Ohhhh I'll work on Unit 1!". But then I went and actually asked for it. And got it. Oh well. Unit 1 is the unit I've spent the last 3 days on, and seems to have some really sweet old folks living on it. As I told you earlier, I had been assigned to Unit 2 ... which is the rehab unit, where people come for a maximum of 100 days, before they either go back home or to another unit or nursing home. God, I hope I made the right choice.

Most of the time lately, I've been wondering what the hell I was thinking when I signed up for the damn CNA class in the first place. Maybe I should have tried harder for a low-paying office job somewhere.

Anyway, I start today ... I'll be "precepted" by another CNA for at least 4 days. The scheduler said I could ask for another 4 if I felt I needed it. This is so hard for me. Especially with cramps. Grrr.

Jimmy's plane leaves in a bit ... he's headed to Phoenix AZ for a week. So it's just me and Hayley keeping the home fires burning. And Hayley has to handle it on her own, come 3 PM.

Emilie, got Internet? Sure hope so!

Thought For Today:
"Never test the depth of the water with both feet."


Emilie said...

Hi, I tried to write you an email yesterday in a computer lab, but for some reason it wouldn't send. Now I'm in the computer lab and for some reason the email won't even open up, so I think something's going on with the internet at clemson and it will just take a while to get it all fixed. I tried getting on the internet this morning at my apartment, and I got the registration screen for the reserve and I got registered so that's good. The internet was going REALLY slow though and I couldn't get aim to work. But maybe it will work when I get home, I don't know. Sigh.
I gave you our new phone number right? You can call that anytime, since I like it better than my cell phone. Yeah, I found out that Kate has anorexia and bulimia. She's been talking to me about it a lot and it sounds like she's been to hell and back. But hearing all of it makes me really thankful that I have the problems that I have and not something like that. She's screwed up her body a lot, and stuff just doesn't work right for her anymore. But I think right now she's going through a good period and shes okay. I really like her though. And Danielle, well, just weird. I've seen her once and she creeped me out....havent seen her since. I just wanted to let you know what was going on. I have cognitive psych at 12:30 and then I'm finished for the day. Rob and I are going to eat lunch and then head to wal-mart for a few more things. Then I have to do laundry and write a stupid memo for business writing....then maybe we can go to the pool. I hope work goes good for you and I'm glad you got to change units! Hopefully it will be it cooler in that unit? Well, I'll talk to you soon, I love you!
Your lovely insane daughter, Emilie

Dawn said...

I love you, sunshine. Don't forget to study. :-)

Kay said...

Hey Dawn,
I've thought about you all week...working..orientating. You sound like you're settling in just fine. I knew you'd do great. I'm glad to hear that Emilie is all moved in and happy where she is too.
Beth finally got her proofs back, and the first thing out of her mouth "Can we do retakes??". I've scheduled her for next Wednesday after school for just the drape shots to be redone. I hope I can get off work!
I'm sorry to hear you have to work all weekend :(
What will your hours be? Maybe I can catch you on the phone during some "awake" hours.
I love you, Kay

p.s. I saw a sign in a thrift shop on the way home from work today selling furniture that read "chester drawers $40".
Thought you'd get a chuckle from it like I did.