Sunday, August 03, 2003

"I want to be the one to walk in the sun! Oh, girls they wanna have fun ..."

Today is my mother-in-law's 63rd birthday. She's still relatively young, huh? Sadly, she looks much older than that. Jimmy is on the phone with her now, trying to hang up. Easier said than done, since she has a gift for talking and talking ... whether anyone is listening or not.

We drove down to Clemson yesterday to take the washer and dryer to its new home. We came back home with a truckload of stuff that no longer fits in Adam's apartment. "Storage R Us". :-) The new place is very cozy and nice. Before his view consisted of a parking lot, and the wall of another building. Now it's a very nice wooded hillside. It's around in the back of the building, and seems to be quiet and private. He was getting all settled in, and trying to rest up from moving everything he owns from one place to the other. Jimmy put some shelves up in his storage room, and helped hook up the washer and dryer. Then we loaded up Emilie's computer chair and Adam's overflow, and headed back to the mansion.

Actually, before we left Clemson, I asked Jimmy to drive me over to Em's new apartment so I could check out where the new place is. (She was reassigned to another building.) Two weeks from today, she'll be unpacking boxes there. *sigh*

It's rainy today, a good Sunday for watching old movies or reading a good book. I'm still inching my way through "Nora, Nora" by Anne Rivers Siddons ... I should commit a good portion of today to finishing that.

Kay, call me ... I wasn't on the computer yesterday, ya silly. I was on the road!

Thought For Today:
"You know, I think I could have the cure to AIDS or cancer in my head, but that brain cell is filled instead with old dialogue from the Brady Bunch." (Mary Newton)

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Emilie said...

I'm sorry
Yeah, you know me, the better expressing myself in writing than in talking girl. I'm really sorry about today, I know that I hurt you, and I really don't mean to. That's the last thing I want to do. I know we're both really stressed all the time right now and that will get better. I think we seriously get along better when I'm not living here. It's just hard, really hard, to come home and get along all the time. And we do get along sometimes even though I know it feels very rare. I know things will get better for both of us, and just always remember that I love you. You're a great mom. I'm sorry I don't help out around the house more, I'm just a lazy person. I love you very much, and I enjoyed watching the movie with you tonight.
Love, Your insane daughter, Emilie