Wednesday, August 13, 2003

"Crazy, but that’s how it goes ..."

Let me preface this by saying that I'm aware that I might be the only 44-year-old housewife in America who watches "The Osbournes" faithfully. (Yes, I even watch "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy" when Bravo repeats it later in the week, so that I won't miss Ozzy and Sharon.) But oh my. Osbourne fans were "Punk'd" last night.

What the hell! That was horrifying. I was so freaked out by Jack the Minnie Ripper that I couldn't close my mouth. Then watching Ozzy's tears fall as he broke the news to Sharon ... well, I was in tears myself. When "the joke" was revealed, it was hard to laugh.

After seeing the final bit with the cue cards, I spent a few minutes wondering if every episode from the beginning had been scripted. I know that certain events are staged to make things funnier, and the editors are constantly patching it all together to show things that never really happened (like Sharon ignoring Ozzy on the phone when he was reading his lyrics about his fear of losing her to cancer). But I really don't believe for a second that what aired in the last minute of the show should be considered proof that Ozzy's been reading cue cards. The whole show last night was a big ole joke, plain and simple. (It damn well better be.) Bet they're going to get a ton of hate mail over it though.

Yes, I'm too old for this.

Thought For Today:
18 more days 'til Clemson football!

3:30 PM
Edited to add (for Brandy!):
MTV just re-ran "The Osbournes", and there was a middle segment that wasn't aired last night. (Bert broke up with Kelly on Valentine's Day. Jack sleepwalked ... he walked to his sofa and slept there, he pulled Lola into his bed and wrestled her, then let her go and said, "Sorry, girl.")

Other things I caught the second time around ...

At the end, Ozzy says, "That's it? It's over? I don't have to say the f-word anymore?" How can I not love him? Also, there was a guy caging the dogs to take away (to seem as if the Osbournes didn't really have a houseful of animals), and Ozzy told them to take away all the fake dog poo. Heh. And that bit at the end where Ozzy seemed to be rehearsing his famous "I love you all more than life itself, but you're all f'ing mad" was edited to look that way.

So after all is said and done, I think they did a pretty good job of poking fun at all the people who criticize them ... and Minnie's alright too. :-)

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