Thursday, May 03, 2007

"Why don't you like me? ..."

While watching the local news last night, I was visited by Grandma F.

I could hear her voice in my head, as plain as day, saying, "Dawn, I told you this would happen!" Seems that a fire broke out at Magnolia Place nursing home on Tuesday afternoon . Nobody was injured, but all the residents had to be moved into other facilities while the cleanup takes place.

I'm glad she's in heaven, where there are no smokers and dope fiends. No fire drills, either (I hope).


As predicted, Chris (Don't I Look Like Justin Timberlake?) Richardson was sent home last night on Idol. And only a little less predictable ... Phil Stacey sang his farewell song, too. He seemed like a really nice guy (hell, Chris did too), and had the foresight to choose an excellent song for his last AI performance ... "Blaze Of Glory" works well for going out with a bang.

Amy, if you'd like to see just a snippet of each performance, they are now available for download here. You have the ability to watch a portion of each performance without actually paying for it. (Click on "preview".)

And let me go on record, here and now, with my confession that the Robin Thicke Love Train left me sitting on a bench at the station. Ewwww. So very NOT my cup of Earl Grey. Me no like.

Another "Aaarrrrghh Moment" from last night: A sign in the audience: "Blake Your #1!". Do the schools not teach the distinction between "your" and "you're" anymore? Because this is becoming far too common for my teeth ... I am grinding them to nubs every time I see it. I can understand an occasional slip-up or typo, but I see at least one instance of this particular grammar mess EVERY day. (As if I have any room to criticize grammar messes, with all my incomplete sentences and my love of the ellipse. Pot: "Kettle, you're so damn black!")

Third Moment: The "Idol Gives Back" recap ... STOP it. At least there were no Bush family members on my TV last night.

Not much excitement left in this show for me now ... Blake, LaKisha, and Melinda will all end up with recording contracts, despite who actually wins.

Final note: Richie Sambora is still easy on these old-lady eyes, even after all these years.


Interesting article I read online last night -- "Survey: 10 jobs moms work would bring in $138,095 a year" ... had me dreaming of the car I'd be driving if I actually earned a paycheck for 20 years in the Mom Business.

Naaaa ... the rewards are all in the hugs, people. Let me try and remember the last hug I got ... hold on ...


... I'm only teasing. I get at least one hug a week these days. And back in the day, when I was actually doing all the "mom jobs", I was totally overpaid ... my kids were THE BEST at showing me love. (smile)

Speaking of kids ... This week is sooo slow for me, and I'm hoping it's moving along a little faster for you, Adam. We miss you!


"Sometimes I get the feeling the whole world is against me, but deep down I know that's not true. Some smaller countries are neutral." - Robert Orben


Lunchbox said...

Also, Amy, if you want to watch it. I have the entire episode on my computer; I can burn a DVD for you...if you want.

Amy said...

Ahhhhhh...... Dawn and LB you guys are the best. I wold love a DVD if you wouldn't mind and until them I will watch the clips that Dawn has provided, thanks guys! I love the fact that you will not let me miss Bon Jovi. He bothered me a couple years ago when he was starting to act like Bono from U2, but he quickly got his act together and now I like him again. I am not huge on people being pushy with politics. Dawn I have to agree, Richie Sambora is very easy on the eyes. Did I hear that when him and Heather Locklear broke-up that she started dating that nerdy guy (but funny) from Just Shoot Me? What was she thinking? I guess looks aren't everything, Bass is still with me and my looks have really gone down hill :) Hope you are doing well Dawn...... still keeping that secret??????? Wink wink