Tuesday, May 29, 2007

"I just need time to walk it off ..."

I need another weekend to recover from my weekend.

We made it to GA in time for the visitation at the funeral home. It was good to see Laura ... and a bit surreal to see my cousins. How they've aged in the last 15 years! Meanwhile, I have stayed exactly the same. Yup.

The funeral on Saturday was as nice as a funeral can be. Even more cousins ... even more aging.

We drove home Saturday night after lots of hugs from family members we won't see again until the next funeral.


On Sunday, Emilie and I spent a couple of hours at Freedom Weekend Aloft. We went mainly to see the Disc Dogs. We also saw lots of people spending money on worthless crap. And we got really hot. (89 degrees and sunny plus a crowded, un-airconditioned shuttle bus between parking and FWA fun equals My First "Eww I'm Hot And Sweaty" Moment of Summer 2007".)

Memorial Day was a flurry. Emilie joined me at Friend Kathy's house for a cookout. Lots of friends came, and the tables overflowed with food. Very nice time ... although, between the hike in the sun on Sunday and the time in the sun at Kathy's, now my scalp is red. It's so charming when it peels, too.

Did a little shopping after the cookout, came home and cooked out some more. The food was better at Kathy's. My grill needs an exorcism. I had 3 great steaks, and within 5 minutes (on low!), they were blackened beyond recognition. Ruined.

I spent the evening preparing for the painter. He called yesterday to say he'd be here early today. Whoo hoo!


And so, today I have 3 painters in my bedroom. Happy to report, they are working like mad.


I forgot to mention that Jimmy is suffering through a bout with the flu. He spent yesterday in bed, and would probably be there today, if it weren't for the painters. He's infecting the kitchen now, but will hopefully spend the good part of the day in the guest room. Emilie is planning a trip to the lake house in 10 days, and my Mom is depending on me to be there for her knee surgery a week from yesterday. Neither one of us wants to deal with the flu! We've begged him to keep his mucous to himself. We want him quarantined.

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