Monday, May 07, 2007

"I don't shine if you don't shine ..."

I gots nothing to "blog". Weekends are pretty much void of bloggable stuff around here lately.

Jimmy worked on his lawnmower ALL weekend. Adam flew in from Canada on Saturday, hopefully to stay awhile.

I didn't feel completely healthy most of the weekend. I'll keep the details to myself ... and you'll thank me. I made things infinitely worse by eating a bowl of banana pudding last night. Oh, Sweet Baby Jeeezis. I made everyone promise to slap the shit out of me, should I ever attempt to eat a serving of dessert EVER again.

This week brings with it a new determination to eat right and exercise more.

I start over every single day.

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Amy said...

I am very sorry you had a bad weekend. However, I know everyone is very proud of you for your progress that you are making. I know we are of mom. It is an adjustment that I am not sure I could do, it takes a very strong person. Good luck...... your dedication is showing, you look great!!!!