Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"Write, write on ..."

April 10. And our taxes are done. Miracles still happen.


Easter Sunday was a quiet one at our house. I cooked a medium-sized dinner for all who could come. (We missed you bigtime, Adam.) I thought it all looked very yummy, but nothing tasted like I thought it should. I've always been teased about that ... everyone says I criticise the food I cook. But that's really not what I was doing on Sunday. I think it had more to do with my bypassed gastric. It was all just "blah". Except for the fruit pizza. I had a small slice after we ate. And then, while I was watching The Sopranos, I had another (larger) slice. That last one almost did me in. WHEN will I learn? I was sick for hours.


Speaking of Tony ... and aren't I always? ...

I CAN'T BELIEVE THERE ARE ONLY EIGHT EPISODES LEFT. That breaks my heart. Sad, to be so in love with a TV show, I know. But I will mourn. Mourn, I say.

Loved the episode on Sunday night. Drunk Carmela singing "Love Hurts" ... oy. And the whole "drunk family board game" time was a little TOO familiar. (We always played Monopoly with the Free Parking Money rule too ... "Fuck the Parker Brothers!") Tony and Janice are the most believable brother and sister pair in television history. I love every scene they do together. I had to laugh when Tony got mad at her for telling the family story about Tony Senior shooting the gun through Livia's beehive hairdo, worried that it would make their family look dysfunctional. (ha!) Janice is scarier to me than any of the men in the show.

This is one series that you absolutely CAN'T start watching in Season 2 or 5 ... you must start at the beginning. It's a story told in layers, each scene building on something that happened several seasons ago. It's, without a doubt, the best-written, best-acted TV ever put out there. That was my opinion, of course ... feel free to have your own. :-)

Carmela: "So did you guys look at her hair? Was there powder burns?"
Janice: "She had a bob the next day."



It's Paperwork Day in my world. It ranks right up there with Toilet Cleaning Day. *sigh*

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