Tuesday, April 24, 2007

"I start making a deal, inspired by gravity ..."

The fly boys are home, safe and sound. They pulled in, exhausted as expected, around 4:30 PM yesterday. From what they shared with me, I believe they enjoyed the trip. Overall, anyway. They're considering a different airplane now, based on things they learned down there. Since my knowledge on the subject is nil, I tend to keep my mouth shut on the subject ... I just want them safe at the end of the day. So the dang airplane better be reliable.
I have not received clearance to do so, but I'm putting up a few pictures:

Adam, standing amongst their "accommodations". I know they were both glad to be back in a regular bed last night. (It took me several minutes to decide that the wiggly gray thing in the foreground might be a fallen piece of Spanish moss ... and not a furry snake, as I originally thought)


Don't know what he's doing here, but it looks like he's ironing with surgical gloves on.


Learning to weld -- or impressing little kids -- or both.


Off to visit my treadmill ... then the dentist. Every day can't be a "Fun Day", people.

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Amy said...

Glad we can get some updates somewhere, ha ha ha. I am glad they made it back safe.