Thursday, March 16, 2006

"Where, oh where, have the smart people gone? ...

The squirrels are having a Spring Break party on my roof this morning. At least, I hope it's on the roof, and not in the attic. Jimmy set the trap in the attic over the weekend, and put some delicious peanut butter sandwiches in there to lure a critter or two. Our luck, they're eating them at their Spring Break party.


Had lunch with Emilie yesterday, who was in town for a doctor's appointment. Always the best part of my day is seeing one of my kiddos. Yesterday was very, very good, because I got to see Adam too, as he came by after work to pick up boxes. They are sorting and packing for the Big Move on April 8th. Emilie pointed out that "8" seems to be a very good number for Adam and Brandy ... they will be moving to the new home six months to the day after their wedding day.


I stayed with Grandma F while she ate dinner last night. She had a shower just before I got there. The CNA seemed to think she HAD to have one, and forced her to go. Grandma was not happy. After the CNA left the room, Grandma said, "She's NOT nice." She strikes me as one of those CNA's that's rough and unfriendly when no one else is around, but as soon as I come into the room, she's all about being sweet to Grandma. I told Grandma that I could tell the CNA wasn't nice, but at least she was clean and comfy in her bed for the night.

She napped while I filed her nails. Dinner came ... BEETS!!! Oh glory. She ate them all, with most of her salmon patty, and a few bites of mashed potatoes. She traded the chocolate cake for a few bites of the Hershey bar I brought for her.

Jimmy is having a little battle with the powers-that-be over the non-thickened water issue. They had lawyers draw up a paper for him to sign, saying they weren't responsible for harm should she aspirate while drinking water given to her by family members. Meanwhile, every new LPN gives her plain water to take her meds with, and even last night ... the beets were floating in about half a cup of thin beet juice, and she tipped the bowl and drank every drop. The hospice nurse came in yesterday, and gave her water with crushed ice ... Grandma said it was wonderful.

Anyway, they wanted Grandma to sign the form too ... Jimmy explained that she will not even sign a greeting card. The social worker said, "What? Not even when you are there to tell her it's ok?" She then goes on to tell him that one of the doctors that came through to see Grandma had designated her mental state as "competent", so she will HAVE to sign the form. I'm thinking that's when Jimmy started having steam out his ears.

In the end, he requested a meeting with everyone present ... the doctor, hospice, the social worker, etc. I don't think he'll get it, because it involves God (the doctor) being there, but hopefully some better communication can start happening between all parties responsible for Grandma's care.

Grandma may be far less progressed in her dementia than most people in that facility ... but she is not competent to make important decisions. Period.

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Lunchbox said...

The 8th should be a good day, but it's not final. The closing is "tentatively" scheduled for the 7th, so that's what we're basing everything off of. It could get delayed a day or three, in which case we would move the next weekend. We have our apartment through the end of the month, so we have flexibility, and also we don't have to stress to get everything done in one weekend.